Does Vaping Pose a Health Risk?... Maybe.

In mid year 2014 NicVape took a major financial hit by pulling 100% of its existing e-juice lineup. We had been told by our flavor concentrate suppliers that our raw material was diacetyl free. They were wrong. Whether or not it was ignorance or willful deception is beside the point. Our supply chain was compromised. We found a new manufacturer for flavor concentrates. One that would agree under contract to leave out molecules considered undesirable. Determined to never again be deceived, we added additional testing to our internal quality assurance protocols. Flavor concentrate is tested upon arrival to our facility. Not willing to leave it at that, the final e-juice product is also tested for diacetyl. Every batch, every time. We don't ask anyone to just take us at our word. We post 100% of those test results online. They are accessible though NICTRACE on our website.

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