You're no ordinary DIY E-Liquid Mixologist, and E-Flavors' MASSIVE e-liquid flavoring collection is not your ordinary variety pack! - Now with 49 Flavors!!

You want flavor. You need choices. You demand value. Well, our friends, you've hit the mother lode!!!

NicVape is proud to offer you the E-Flavors Mother-of-All-Flavorings MASSIVE 49 15ml-bottle E-Flavors Variety Pack, with THE BEST collection of the finest e-liquid flavor concentrates available any price.

This MASSIVE variety pack now includes 49 E-Flavors Flavor Concentrates including:

Blue Raz
Green Apple Ripe Strawberry
Blueberry Hazelnut Root Beer
Bubblegum Kentucky Tobacco Spearmint
Butterscotch Kiwi Strawberry
Cappuccino Lemon Subtle Cinnamon
Carolina Tobacco Lime Sweet Brown
Clementine Menthol Sweet Tea
Coffee Milk Sweet Tobacco
Cool Orange Tennessee Tobacco
Cotton Candy Pear Tiramisu
Cream Peppermint Tootie Frootie Cereal
Créme de Menthe Pie Crust Turkish Tobacco
Dark Raz Rainbow Candy Vanilla
Fine Cuban Tobacco Raspberry Vanilla Custard
French Vanilla Real Honey Yellow Cake
Gourmet Cinnamon Real Watermelon
Grape Red Apple

OMG! That's a LOT of FLAVOR!!! And E-Flavors flavor concentrates are twice as concentrated as most other flavor concentrates on the market, meaning you'll use less, flavor more, save money, and create e-juice like never before.

Since E-Flavors inception in early 2014, premium, top-brand e-liquid manufacturers have come to know E-Flavors (the first flavor concentrate to be engineered for vaping, and created specifically for the vaping industry) as the go-to brand for the truest-to-life flavor profiles, and quality that discerning Vapers demand in their juice.

Sure, you can buy just one, or a few, but if you're really into DIY e-liquid creation, and you love choices, you're gonna want to get E-Flavors' MASSIVE flavor concentrate collection at your mixing station today!

Please understand that we cannot swap/make exceptions to the contents. Thank you.

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    E-Flavors Specifications | NicVape E-Liquids and DIY Supplies

    NicVape is proud to bring you, E-Flavors, a collection of professional flavor concentrates that have been specifically engineered for the vaping industry.

    • Twice the concentration of flavoring compared to other brands! Use less, and save more!
    • Crafted by a Master Flavorist, and engineered to strict standards of quality, taste profile, and consistency in state of the art, professional, clean facilities
    • Certificates of Analysis (CoA)are available on NICTRACE, located on the NicVape Website. Follow this link and enter your batch number, to view all lab analysis and testing results, as we receive them, from an independent (third-party) certified laboratory.
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
    Eastern USA

    Great selection

    • Huge selection of flavors.
    • Large investment to start.
    This selection is enough to get anyone serious about making their own juice a head start to making whatever their hearts may desire. A very good selection. It covers all the bases for just about anyones tastes.

    Personally, I'm not a tobacco flavor lover, and I found it interesting this kit includes almost every tobacco flavor available. Some of these may be nice when sweetened with honey flavors and vanilla or custard flavors. Still, if I had a choice I would have exchanged all of them for other flavors not included in the kit. Regardless of that, the kit is sort of a catch-all kit for flavors.

    I only received this kit about 5 days ago so I haven't dived into every flavor yet. The flavors I've tried thus far are very good. Some need some steeping, others are good right away. As a general rule, I suggest steeping all juices before use. I usually steep with open caps for at least 2-3 days. Some flavors get capped and steeped in the dark for longer. Most of these flavors, as I just have discovered, are good to vape with great favor after a few days in the dark.