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We offer 6 Ready-to-Vape E-Juice collections, and a complete array of premium ingredients to make your own.

Welcome to the ultimate source for the finest vape liquids, ingredients, and vaping supplies online. Since 2010, NicVape has shared our passion with DIY vaping enthusiasts by creating a custom and adventurous experience of combining recipes with safe and reliable products. We are committed to providing vapers, vape shops, and manufacturers with the highest quality ingredients while maintaining strict expectations for quality control and exacting production processes. Our flavor experts and vaping visionaries have successfully crafted our signature e-juice collections, E-Flavors, diluted nicotine, PG, VG, and other popular ingredients. Explore our exceptional inventory to unlock the wonders of flavor and mixology today!

Sharing our passion with the Vaping community since 2010 NicVape is a manufacturer, retailer and wholesale supplier of the highest quality e-liquids, and diluted nicotine available in the electronic cigarette market. We are committed in our mission to provide the highest quality e-liquids and vaping products, while maintaining policies and procedures that set the standard for quality control, exacting production, and stellar customer service.

Our Mission: To provide The World with the highest quality e-liquids and vaping products for the electronic cigarette market, while maintaining policies and procedures that set the standard for quality control and exacting production

NicVape was founded by entrepreneur Rich Henning in 2010. What began then, as an effort to find a smoking cessation alternative for himself and his family, has turned into a Top 10 e-liquid manufacturing company that produces e-liquids and diluted nicotine for the worldwide marketplace.

AEMSA In our efforts to self-regulate in a largely unregulated industry, NicVape joined forces with other companies and organizations such as AEMSA (American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association), which are dedicated to the principles of quality, health and safety in manufacturing practices. With multiple awards and recognition for our e-liquids and diluted nicotine, our customers count on us to supply the quality and care we bring to every NicVape product we produce.

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