The container for your e-liquid is equally as important to the ingredients used to make it. Our Amber Boston Round Glass Bottle collection and LDPE plastic bottles guarantee you high quality at a reasonable price. We stand behind all the products we sell, and guarantee you?ll find the product that?s right for you, at a price you can afford.

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Amber Dropper Bottles
Price: $1.25-$6.75
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    E-Liquid Dropper Bottles - LDPE Plastic - Choose Your Size Dropper Bottle, DIY Bottles, Nicvape DIY
    Price: $0.55-$1.85
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      These LDPE Dropper Bottles are soft, making these bottles easy to squeeze without creasing or deforming and will always return back to their original shape. Snug fitting caps prevent leaking and their design makes them easy to clean and reuse. "I like these bottles a lot. They don't crease and the caps don't leaking everywhere. I use mine over and over. They are a good investment."

      35-Piece Variety Pack of DIY E-Liquid Bottles - LDPE
      Price: $14.95
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      Item #: DS0350 -

        This Variety Pack Includes: (10) 5ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(10) 10ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(10) 15ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(10) 30ml PET Dropper Bottles(4) 50ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(2) 100ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(46) Dropper Tips(46) CRC (Child-Resistant) Plastic Caps(41) Blank Labels (5ml bottles use 1/2 label)(NO substitutions, Please)

        E-Liquid DIY 5-Pack LDPE Bottles from NicVape
        Price: $2.00
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        Item #: DS010305000 -

          Includes5 x 50ml Dropper Bottles, along with tips and CRC (child-resistant) caps