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Amber Dropper Bottles
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E-Liquid Dropper Bottles - LDPE Plastic - Choose Your Size Dropper Bottle, DIY Bottles, Nicvape DIY
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These LDPE Dropper Bottles are soft, making these bottles easy to squeeze without creasing or deforming and will always return back to their original shape. Snug fitting caps prevent leaking and their design makes them easy to clean and reuse. "I like these bottles a lot. They don't crease and the caps don't leaking everywhere. I use mine over and over. They are a good investment."

Large E-Liquid Plastic Dropper Bottle Variety Pack
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This Variety Pack Includes: (15) 10ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(10) 15ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(10) 30ml PET Dropper Bottles(4) 50ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(2) 100ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(41) Dropper Tips(41) CRC (Child-Resistant) Plastic Caps(41) Blank Labels (NO substitutions, Please)

E-Liquid DIY 5-Pack LDPE Bottles from NicVape
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Includes5 x 50ml Dropper Bottles, along with tips and CRC (child-resistant) caps

Most discerning vape enthusiasts and DIY mixologists know that the container you use for your e-liquid is as equally important as the ingredients used to make your ADV or special recipe. Since 2010, NicVape has committed to providing affordable e-juice ingredients and concentrates without sacrificing quality flavor. Whether you’re new to vaping or you’re simply looking to upgrade your current supply inventory, we offer an excellent selection of DIY e-juice bottles. From crystal-clear to amber glass, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect solution for stocking your innovative concoctions and flavorful recipes. Explore our inventory today!

Find quality at a reasonable price in any e-juice container we offer. Choosing the best container for your individual needs depends on presentation and functionality. The most important function of any e-juice bottle is that it must effectively pour your premade or custom liquids into your favorite vaping devices. Our aesthetically pleasing amber glass bottles will look amazing on your shelf and are available in 30- or 60-milligram sizes. You can further personalize your DIY vaping experience by choosing between a standard cap or a dropper. These durable vape bottles feature narrow mouths for precision pouring.

In addition to glass bottles, we also offer DIY e-juice bottles made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) thermoplastic. LDPE plastics are preferred for their excellent acid resistance and ease of use. We offer dropper bottles in a wide range of sizes for you to choose from depending on the volume of your e-liquid batches and recipe frequency, from 10 to 100 milliliters. An inherent advantage to these bottles is that they are soft and easy to squeeze without creasing or deforming. Their snug-fitting caps prevent leaking and their design makes them easy to clean for lasting quality and use. We conveniently offer a dropper bottle multi-pack of up to five bottles.

Never compromise when it comes to flavor. Shop with confidence and expect nothing but the finest vape bottles and supplies when you explore our selection of e-juice container solutions. Receive an excellent value and save money by choosing our large variety pack for storing your flavor variations or giving away bottles as gifts to your vaping companions. If you have any questions, contact us today for further assistance.