We have everything the diligent DIYer needs to begin creating their own e-liquids. Curve-tipped syringes, graduated cylinders, pipets, luer lock needles, nitrile gloves, amber glass and LDPE bottles for storage. You'll feel like a chemist before you know it. You'll also be producing e-liquids made to order, just the way you like them.

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35-Piece Variety Pack of DIY E-Liquid Bottles - LDPE
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This Variety Pack Includes: (10) 5ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(10) 10ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(10) 15ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(10) 30ml PET Dropper Bottles(4) 50ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(2) 100ml LDPE Dropper Bottles(46) Dropper Tips(46) CRC (Child-Resistant) Plastic Caps(41) Blank Labels (5ml bottles use 1/2 label)(NO substitutions, Please)

E-Liquid DIY 5-Pack LDPE Bottles from NicVape
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Includes5 x 50ml Dropper Bottles, along with tips and CRC (child-resistant) caps

E-Liquid DIY Transfer Syringes
Price: $1.70-$3.50
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NicVape�s Luer Lock Syringes come in 3 sizes 10ml, 20ml and 35ml, syringes in either 14 gauge, 16 gauge or 18 gauge. 14 gauge is the largest diameter while 18 is the smallest and are a useful part of any DIY supplies kit.

NicVape Syringe Variety Pack for Measuring and Transferring E-Liquid
Price: $8.75
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This pack includes a combination of 4 popular size syringes and 3 sizes of blunt-tip needles, allowing for quick, accurate measurement and transfer of your e-liquid recipe components.Variety Pack Includes:- 1 x 10cc Curved Tip Syringe- 1 x 10ml Luer Lock Syringe- 1 x 20ml Luer Lock Syringe- 1 x 35ml Luer Lock Syringe- 1 x 14 Gauge Needle- 1 x 16 Gauge Needle- 1 x 18 Gauge Needle