DIY Adventure Kit - Contains verything needed to make e-liquid
  • DIY Adventure Kit - Contains verything needed to make e-liquid
  • DIY Adventure Kit Packed

NicVape's E-Liquid DIY Adventure Kit - Everything you need to make your own!

It's no secret that Vaping is extremely popular and it has given many people, including nearly every one here at NicVape, a welcomed alternative to cigarettes and smoking. Two of Vaping's biggest appeals are the unlimited flavor options, as well as being able to be in control of the amount of nicotine that we are using. If you choose to, the ability to decrease your nicotine level over time, and at your own pace, is an option we just did not have as smokers.

Creating your own e-liquid gives the DIYer complete control - over not only flavor, but in the amount of nicotine being used, the peace of mind in knowing what's in your e-juice, and it can be a whole lot of fun!

NicVape's DIY Adventure Kit is the perfect way to start, or stock up on your DIY e-liquid/e-juice supplies, and contains over $120 worth of products, making it a great deal at our regular price of only $69.99!

This kit contains over 70 items including:

  • 125ml of 25mg/ml diluted nicotine in your choice of PG or VG
  • 125ml of your choice PG or VG
  • (10) 15ml E-Flavors of your choosing
  • (3) 3ml pipettes
  • (3) 10ml luer-lock syringes
  • (3) 14 gauge blunt tip needles
  • (1) 50ml graduated cylinder
  • (2) 30ml beakers
  • (5) pairs of nitrile gloves
  • (2) 50ml LDPE plastic bottles with dropper tips and child resistant caps
  • (2) 30ml LDPE plastic bottles with dropper tips and child resistant caps
  • (5) 15ml LDPE plastic bottles with dropper tips and child resistant caps
  • (8) 10ml LDPE plastic bottles with dropper tips and child resistant caps
  • 19 blank labels to finish it all out

All ingredients are the same high-quality materials used by all of the best E-Liquid manufacturers. (We know... we supply many of them through our wholesale division.)

The next generation of mixologists is out there, and with NicVape's DIY E-Liquid Adventure Kit, you may just create the next must-have vaping sensation! Good luck, and Vape on!

If you have questions about mixing your own e-liquids, head on over to our E-Liquid Tutorial for more information.

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Select whether you prefer a base of either Propylene Glycol (PG), or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as the base (diluent) for the nicotine solution.

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Overall Customer Rating of 26 Reviews:

Great Kit, Decent Flavors

Great Kit and flavors for the price!

Great kit!

This is a great but to het you started!

I ordered this just wanting to try out what I assumed would be a cheaper route than going to my local shops and spending way too much money on professional juices, not only is this kit a great deal it is super simple to create your own custom juices on the first day you receive this. I have no complaints about this product and will definitely be buying more once I run out, I highly recommend this product to anyone who is into vaping and wants to save money while enjoying our favorite hobbie, and if you're having trouble picking all the flavors the old fashioned donut is by far my favorite just by itself it tastes great with a nice cinnamon after taste. 5 stars all day 👌🏻


Great! DIY Kit

  • Variety of flavors
  • Ease of use
  • Supplies included
  • Need easier instructions or video
I recently purchased a DIY kit and I am pleasantly surprised how easy it is to create and mix for a vape. Highly recommended. Thank you


  • Comes with lots of tools
  • Very easy to use
  • Flavors are perfect
  • Nicotine is good quality
  • Wonderful deal
  • None
A great deal on some quality supplies. Everything comes nicely packaged, and the flavoring is on point. Would definitely recommend this.