NicVape sources the highest quality pure nicotine available in the world to make our diluted nicotine products. All dilution takes place in our cleanroom environment, and titration is accomplished using gravimetric techniques. All stated nicotine strengths are in milligrams per milliliter.

NicVape's Diluted Nicotine products are selected to be as colorless and tasteless as possible, allowing your e-juice to taste more they way you expect. Our pure nicotine and constituents are sourced to be the finest. We dilute our nicotine with care and precision, and test thoroughly, to ensure your DIY or manufactured final product is exactly the way you want it - every time. Visit our Nicotine Strengths page, and DIY page, to learn more about how Diluted Nicotine is used in making e-Liquid.

Prices vary widely by strength and size.

Starting price shown is for 60ml of 25mg/mL. This will change when you choose other options and click "Update Price". (From a low of $14.00 of for 60mL of 25mg/mL to a high of $100.00 for 1L of 100mg/mL)

If you are looking for larger quantities (gallons, drums, totes, etc.) or higher strength nicotine (up to 999.99mg/ml), please contact our Customer Service Team for a quote.

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NicVape got its start as a nicotine supplier to the E-Liquid industry. Our nicotine is sourced to be the purest, clearest, most consistent nicotine available throughout the world.

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Simply Excellent

  • No bad taste
  • No bad odor
  • Almost Colorless
  • None
This is by far the best quality unflavored liquid nicotine i have ever tried in my e-liquids. Doesn't stink like most unflavored liquid nicotine in the market, and it doesn't affect the taste of the final e-liquid. I am a returning customer, and i will be returning in the future for more :D

nicotine as described

referred by many reviews from vapers to this site

product is solid and so is the service

thanks to Nicvape for their service and the flavour sample

i will be back for more

highly recommended

Fast Shipping

<p>And they sent me a 10ml sampler of Turkish Tobacco Flavoring to go along with my order.</p><p>How did they know I love Turkish Tobacco flavor!? I'm not gonna question it, the flavoring smells amazing. I'll have to order more later.</p>

Purchased Nicotine

<p>an amazing price for a quality product, i cant find anywhere better for this purchase.</p>

great product

  • price
  • quality
<p>I recommend this product. For me this is what to buy when buying high nicotine in VG base. 1 little bottle of this will last a long time for the average vaporer.</p>