NicVape has all the Do-It-Yourself supplies the DIYer needs to begin creating their own custom e-liquids. Our measuring containers are very similar to the ones we used when NicVape started; and have proven themselves dependable. Our Beakers and Graduated Cylinders come in a several different sizes to ensure you get exactly what you need.

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NicVape DIY E-Liquid Beaker Variety Pack for measuring e-liquid ingredients
Price: $3.50
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    Beakers are a convenient tool for measuring E-Liquid ingredients, and can be reused many times. Made of durable polypropylene, measuring indicators are molded in, ensuring accurate, reliable measurments.This variety pack includes the beakers:1 x 15ml1 x 30ml1 x 50ml1 x 100ml ...

    Beakers Beakers, Nicvape Beakers, Volume measuring beakers, measuring beakers,
    Price: $0.89-$1.50
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      Use these beakers to measure the volume of your liquids before or during mixing. These plastic beakers are a DIY necessity and come in four volumes, 15 ml, 30 ml, 50ml, and 100ml.

      NicVape DIY E-Liquid Graduated Cylinder Variety Pack
      Price: $16.84
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        This variety pack includes every graduated cylinder we offer.This pack includes:1 x 10ml graduated cylinder1 x 25ml graduated cylinder1 x 50ml graduated cylinder1 x 100ml graduated cylinder

        Graduated Cylinders Graduated Cylinders, Nicvape Graduated Cylinders
        Price: $4.75-$6.40
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          These plastic graduated cylinders are a DIY must have to mix multiple liquids at once. With their easy to read numbers and measuring lines, you can see just how much of each liquid you are adding to your mixture. They are easy to pour, easy to clean and stable without the weight of glass.