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3ml Graduated Pipette 3ml Graduated Pipet, Graduated Pipette, 3ml Graduated, 3ml Pipet, pipette
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    This 3ml Graduated Pipette is perfect for transferring small amounts of liquids, like Everyday Flavors, from one container to another, when measuring out smaller recipes.

    Blue Nitrile Gloves (5 Pairs) Blue Nitrile Gloves, Blue Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Nicvape Gloves
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      Everyday Flavors emphasizes safe practices within our company, and believes the health and safety of our customers extends beyond our doors.  These Blue Nitrile Gloves are essential for any DIY mixers, and are perfect for use when mixing diluted nicotine into your e-liquids.  These gloves are powder free, chemical resistant and at 5ml thick are durable enough to stand the stress. Don't leave your safety to chance, be safe and purchase a 5 pair pack today.

      Blunt Tip Luer Lock Needles Blunt Tip Luer Lock Needles, Lock Needles, Tip Luer Lock Needles, Blunt Tip Luer
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        Everyone has experienced that moment when they realize their luer lock syringe needle isn't the right size, or the moment of panic when the tip breaks. Now, Everyday Flavors offers inexpensive, dependable blunt tip needles that attach to any size luer lock syringe. They come in three sizes, 14 gauge at the largest, 16 gauge and 18 gauge.

        Luer Lock Syringes with Blunt Tip Needle Blunt Tip Needle, Luer Lock Syringes, Luer Lock Syringes with Blunt Tip Needle
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          14 gauge is the largest diameter while 18 is the smallest and are a useful part of any DIY supplies kit.If you are working with more viscous liquids, like VG, you'll definitely want a larger diameter needle like the 14g option.The Luer-Lock tip makes for easy dismantling for cleaning, and change over of needles