The Soldiers Project

According to RAND Research, at least 1 in 5 Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and/or Depression. Many professionals feel that the percentage of veterans with PTSD is much higher, and the percentage definitely increases when combined with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

In creating Camouflage, which is definitely inspired by the men and women of the US military, we knew that we wanted to take the opportunity to give what we can to help support them. We researched many VSOs and charitable organizations before deciding to partner with The Soldiers Project.

The Soldiers Project was founded in 2004 by psychiatrist Judith T. Broder, M.D. upon learning of the horrors of war and the trauma it brings to the young men and women who carry the burden, and felt a professional obligation to help our troops and their families manage the myriad of war-related mental health issues.

In just 12 years, The Soldiers Project has grown to include a national network of over 500 professionals, all of whom provide FREE psychotherapy and counseling to Veterans and their families.

While misappropriations of donations and 7-digit salaries associated with some unethical non-profit organizations have become frequent headlines in recent years, we needed to be assured that the agency we selected is driven by a passion to help, and is transparent in regards to their use of finding and donations.

The Soldiers Project exceeded our expectations, and it is very apparent that their motives and actions are driven by the need to affect positive change in the lives of those they serve.

...91.5% of expenditures went to providing help.

The Soldiers Project strives to keep administrative and fundraising costs to a minimum, and based on fiscal year 2014 audited financial statements, 91.5 percent of total expenditures went to provide mental health services for post-9/11 Veterans and their loved ones.

NicVape, Inc. will donate $2.00 for every bottle of Camouflage Max-VG eLiquid sold thorough our website,, to The Soldiers Project to help further their mission and provide desperately needed help to the men, women and their families of the real people behind Camouflage.

To learn more about The Soldiers Project and the work they are doing, visit them at