Made for athletes, by athletes

As an elite runner, I've dealt with 8 years of injuries and an unwillingness to quit. I grew up in Southern California, the middle child of three sisters and a single mom. All of us are runners. It was common that someone was nursing a strained ligament, experiencing joint pain, or ever-present shin splints. I needed a holistic formula that would allow me to recover as I continued to train on a daily basis. My passion for training and nutrition inspired me to focus on combining my favorite superfoods: spirulina, collagen peptides and CBD (Cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp) into one delicious bar. My bar does not just taste good, it has full flavor and creamy texture all the while delivering these powerful nutrients. The results are decreasing inflammation, promoting recovery and increasing endurance. It is also a great pre-workout treat to give your body a burst of energy while calming your nerves so you can meet your full potential. Take a bite and set the bar HIGH!

-Ashlee Powers