• Flavor Profile: This banana flavoring is more the flavor of real banana, and less that of a candy taste
  • Suggested Range of Use: 3-8%
  • Considerations: Can quickly overpower other flavors, so start with a minimal amount and add to taste.
  • Suggested Flavor Pairings: Creams, Vanilla Custard, Fruits
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One of the fruits that candy companies, food distributors, and vape suppliers can’t seem to capture well is finally getting a second chance. Our Banana E-Flavors™ will surely have you swinging from the trees over the authentic quality of its flavor. Less of a candy taste and more of a real flavor, our captivating banana flavor concentrates can quickly overpower other flavors. We recommend that you start with a minimal amount and add to taste until you reach the perfect blend of flavorings and ingredients. Of course, you can experiment with your ratio of PG to VG, to find your right balance of flavor pop, throat hit, and vapor production. Short on time? Our E-Base™ EZ DIY e-liquid base is the easiest way to make an e-liquid. Mix a delightful batch with banana front and center using just a few of our signature components.

Whether you prefer creams, fruits, or hearty oats, our banana flavoring concentrates pack a punch of surprising flavor you won’t find anywhere else. Combine it with Orange, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, or Kiwi for a truly tropical experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced You could go the other way and pair our banana flavor concentrates with darker, sweeter fruit sensations such as Blueberry, Pomegranate (Real), Dark Raz, Ripe Strawberry, or any of our juicy flavorings. For a tropical getaway, try our “I Shot the Sherriff” recipe for those days you just need an escape. Just remember to have fun as you explore complicated flavor pairings and precise dilution to achieve the right flavor for an ADV. You can concoct your own Banana Cream recipe or pave the way for a Banana Split as a summertime sweet treat.

Our Banana E-Flavors™ is available in 15-, 60-, and 120-milliliter glass bottles that will look great on the shelves in your at-home DIY laboratory. Join the next generation of mixologists by exploring our premium selection of flavor concentrates so real that your taste buds will be begging for more. In addition to flavorings, we carry a complete selection of ingredients, measuring containers, mixing utensils, and other DIY accessories. What separates us as one of the leading vape product suppliers in the industry is that we are committed to sourcing the best materials in an effort to produce an unbeatable throat hit, great vapor, and uncompromising flavors every time. Feel free to contact NicVape with any questions or for assistance in finding specific products to make your DIY dreams come true.