• Flavor Profile: Rich, creamy custard with vanilla notes
  • Suggested Range of Use: 2-8%
  • Considerations: Best used as a supporting flavor, and to round off other flavors. Can be used with almost any recipe - A MUST HAVE!
  • Suggested Flavor Pairings: Fruits, coffees, desserts
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Since the 19th century, Bavarian cream has been a sinfully delicious treat for millions throughout the world. We’ve harnessed the creamy custard quality of this guilty pleasure in our Bavarian cream flavor concentrate, and we guarantee you’ll have trouble putting your vaping device down. Whether you’re at the office, stuck in traffic, or relaxing by the pool on the weekend, our Bavarian cream E-Flavors™ will surely leave your taste buds begging for more. Some of the most popular flavor pairings include fruits, coffees, and desserts, but we’re confident that you’ll find no trouble incorporating this creamy concentrate into many of your favorite vape liquids.

Our Bavarian cream flavor concentrate is available in 15-, 60-, or 120-milliliter glass bottles that are in stock and ready to ship, so you can get to mixing and matching right away. Aside from safety, one of the most important aspects to DIY vape mixology is having fun. Remember to experiment and get creative along the way. You may just find an inspiring medley by accident with a little trial and error. Did you know that E-Flavors™ e-liquid flavoring concentrates contain less sugar? They’re designed for making e-liquid, not making cupcakes like those other repackaged food flavorings sold by other brands. You benefit from longer-lasting coils with less build-up and better vapor production.

Our Bavarian cream E-Flavors™ is best used as a supporting flavor in some inventive recipe or as the complement to any of our other tantalizing fruit flavorings. We recommend an approximate range of use between two and eight percent, but you can certainly adjust your measurements according to your flavor expectations and the total volume of your e-liquid. Looking to create a personal vape laboratory in the comfort of your own home? Look no further than our selection of DIY accessories, ingredients, and measuring supplies. We carry beakers, graduated cylinders, syringes, nitrile gloves, and so much more.

NicVape is one of the largest suppliers of DIY e-liquid accessories and high-quality ingredients. When it comes to your ADV, you don’t want to cut corners. Our Bavarian cream E-Flavors™ will deliver a rich and delicious experience with vanilla undertones. Shop from our inventory today and indulge in the rich, lux Bavarian creaminess that’s been loved for centuries. Contact us today with any questions or if you need any help finding a specific product.