11 Reasons to Choose Revive: CBD Infused Anti-Aging Night Cream

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Look – none of us are thrilled about the concept of aging. One of the highest priorities of anyone who is getting older is maintaining their skin in a way that allows it to look youthful and wrinkle-free as our years advance. The anti-aging market is more popular and profitable than ever before, indicating that so many of us are willing to pay for younger-looking skin.

However, unfortunately, a lot of companies fill their anti-aging formulas with harsh chemical ingredients that can cause dryness, dehydration, and irritation. We like many skincare experts believe that natural is always the way to go, allowing mother nature to restore our skin with proven botanicals and extracts that provide moisture, nutrients, and antioxidants to the complexion.

And, that’s why we are so thrilled about Revive: CBD Infused Anti-Aging Night Cream. This product combines science with technology to offer a wide array of anti-aging benefits to the skin deep beneath the surface. Infused with a wide variety of plant-based derivatives, it’s filled with tons of nourishment that aging skin desperately needs in order to remain firm, hydrated and plump.

The CBD Infused Anti-Aging Night Cream combines these botanicals and herbs with the power of full spectrum CBD that’s been lab-tested, CO2-extracted and carefully derived. CBD works with the skin’s cannabinoid receptors to trigger regulatory actions that generally influence the wellness of the complexion. Because it’s full spectrum, it contains not just CBD, but every compound that occurs in the hemp plant, including a variety of useful cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes with protective properties. Meanwhile, the other ingredients get to work improving the skin in a multitude of ways, such as essential oils and natural, plant-based fats.

Still May Not Be Convinced?

Well, allow us to explore the many reasons why this unique skincare product is worth a try.

Reason #1: Antioxidant-Rich

Antioxidants are the darling of the anti-aging world, and for good reason. These naturally occurring compounds allow the skin cells to combat free radicals that are responsible for early cell death, which advances the appearance of aging. Antioxidants are, therefore, anti-aging superstars, and this formula is loaded with them thanks to an array of plant-based ingredients that contain naturally high antioxidant levels, including CBD itself.

Reason #2: Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation plays a major role in the aging process, as chronic inflammation causes the body to age prematurely due to stress. Anti-inflammatories, therefore, are capable of making the skin look younger by soothing inflammation that can lead to skin that looks dry, dull, and generally lackluster. Further, anti-inflammatories help fight common skin conditions like acne and eczema, while soothing irritation.

Reason #3: High in GLA/Essential Fatty Acids Depleted from the Skin

Our skin needs a variety of healthy fats, just like the rest of our bodies. Fat depletion is one of the key factors involved in the aging process, as the body fails to produce them as abundantly as it once did. The result is skin that begins to sag and lose its natural plumpness. This night cream formula boasts a variety of fat sources that instantly infuse the skin cells, promoting plumper and younger-looking skin. CBD is naturally high in essential fatty acids, and the formula contains GLA, which is a naturally occurring fat renowned for its skin-enhancing benefits.

Reason #4: Offers Non-Greasy Hydration

Our skin needs constant hydration in order to look young, healthy, and plump. When the skin cells are deprived of water, the complexion begins to look tired, dull, and sagging. Further, dehydrated skin causes enhanced skin sensitivity and the appearance or larger pores. A lot of products on the market that aim to improve hydration end up leaving the skin greasy, which indicates that the product never absorbs fully into the skin’s many layers. This formula, on the other hand, provides ample hydration that absorbs completely, which means that you can say goodbye to that sticky, oily residue.

Reason #5: Boasts an Intensive Repair & Regenerative Formula

A lot of anti-aging creams actually aim to prevent the signs of aging. The Revive: CBD Infused Anti-Aging Night Cream actually aims to repair and restore the skin through various nutrients and mechanisms that are capable of reversing common signs of aging such as fine lines, sagging and a lack of suppleness.

Reason #6: Boosts Collagen Synthesis

As we age, our skin’s collagen supply begins to deteriorate as our body fails to produce an adequate supply. Collagen is a protein that provides structure to the skin, and without it, the skin begins to sag, and wrinkles develop. Therefore, a major key to maintaining young-looking skin is having ample amounts of collagen.

This exceptional formula boosts collagen, which gives skin a more structured appearance, resulting in firmer-looking skin overall. By boosting collagen production, this formula actually addresses one of the leading underlying causes of an aging appearance.

Reason #7: Prevents Degrading of the Skin Matrix

The skin matrix it the structure of the skin that holds the skin cells together. It’s primarily made up of proteins like elastin and collagen that make up the architecture of the complexion. We need the skin matrix to maintain its structural integrity as we age, or else the skin becomes loose and saggy. Degradation of the skin matrix is primarily caused by a loss of nutrients and the slowing down of protein production. This anti-aging night cream supplies the essential proteins and other nutrients to help the skin matrix retain its structure.

Reason #8: Stimulates Healthy Skin Tissue Formation

The tissue of the skin becomes damaged as we age, due to exposure to pollution, sunlight and other harsh factors. This will cause the skin to age quickly and explains why those who tan excessively and those who smoke tend to look older than they really are. This formula stimulates the formation of healthy skin tissue by stimulating the skin cell regeneration process, which replaces damaged tissue with healthy, new layers.

Reason #9: Firming and Smoothing

The key to having youthful skin is retaining both its firmness and its smoothness. As we get older, our firmness turns into sagginess, and our smoothness is replaced by textural issues such as fine lines and skin congestion. The Revive: CBD Infused Anti-Aging Night Cream is loaded with ingredients that enhance both of these factors, including the CBD itself which regulates skin functions that play a role in smoothness as well as firmness.

Reason #10: Improves the Appearance of Mature Skin by Increasing Thickness, Microcirculation and Firmness

This formula contains an ample supply of ingredients that help mature skin look younger by boosting thickness, firmness, and microcirculation. We’ve discussed the reasons for skin to lose its firmness, but the other two factors are of equal importance. As the skin loses its moisture, it can begin to thin, which will cause the skin to take on a gaunt appearance. Further, as we age, our circulation decreases, and the skin requires ample blood flow to be capable of repairing itself, and to stimulate the birth of new skin cells.

Reason #11: Extremely High in Essential Fatty Acids

The hemp plant is renowned for its high level of essential fatty acids, which benefit our health in a plethora of ways. Essential fatty acids are also a key player in younger-looking skin. For one thing, these acids maintain the skin’s moisture barrier, which allows moisture to stay locked within the cells for plumper skin overall. Additionally, essential fatty acids boast antioxidants that are proven to fight common signs of aging.

Interestingly, essential fatty acids are also the building blocks of skin cell membranes, and so they serve to protect the skin cells themselves against damage.

How to Use Revive: CBD Infused Anti-Aging Night Cream

Each night, as the last step of your skincare routine, apply a pea-sized amount to clean skin. Massage into the entire face, without rinsing away. Make sure that you use this cream nightly for the best results as the results are cumulative.

Grab This CBD Topical Beauty Product Today!

The Revive: CBD Infused Anti-Aging Night Cream is a natural, plant-based formula designed specifically for aging skin, capable of transforming it with a variety of carefully sourced extracts and oils that occur in nature. If you’re looking to experience what CBD has to offer in terms of skincare, this is a great product to try.

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