3 Reasons to Add a NicVape Herbs & Spices Concentrate to Your E-Liquid

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NicVape understands that every vaper has different needs, which is why we offer a wide range of pre-mixed e-liquids, flavor concentrates and base ingredients. Whether you’re a full-blown DIY vaper or someone who likes to dabble in flavor blending from time to time, we’ve truly got you covered.

Something that we’re especially excited about is our line of Herbs & Spices flavor concentrates. With mouth-watering flavors like honey, brown sugar, vanilla, green tea and cinnamon, we’re certain that you’ll want to grab at least one of these concentrates in order to take your flavor game to a whole new level.

Now with that said, here are three reasons why this section can work for your vaping needs:

1. Easier Than Going the DIY Route to Enjoy a Unique and Customized Flavor Profile

If flavor is your top priority when you vape, these flavor concentrates are essential. They allow you to add a pop of flavor to an existing e-liquid rather than requiring you to make a huge batch of DIY e-liquid from scratch. In other words, you can simply pour in some flavor concentrate rather than having to measure out your base ingredients, cautiously pour in your nicotine and all of the other steps that are required if you wish to make a DIY juice batch.

That’s not to say, however, that these concentrates aren’t great for DIY vapers. These herbs and spices are must-haves for anyone who loves concocting complex, magical e-juice flavors from scratch.

2. Great Way to Express Your Sense of Creativity

Playing around with new and unique flavor combinations can become a hobby for most vape enthusiasts. Especially if you’ve got some culinary skills, adding these flavors to your e-liquids can provide you with lots of joy as you try out new flavor profiles that you created yourself. There’s really nothing as rewarding as tasting an e-juice that you mixed to perfection.

3. They Taste Absolutely Delicious

Like all our e-liquid products, these concentrates are made with the very best ingredients that have been carefully sourced by our team of flavor experts. For instance, our Cinnamon tastes exactly like a fresh cinnamon stick while our green tea has that earthy, woodsy flavor profile that’s so tough to nail down.

We’re certain that any of the flavor concentrates in this collection will enhance the flavor of your e-liquid because of its exceptional quality and its flawless taste. You’ll never have to worry about synthetic-tasting sweetness or artificial aftertastes when you use these concentrates.

Check Out NicVape’s Herbs & Spices Collection Today!

Our Herbs & Spices collection can add mouth-watering complexity to almost any e-liquid. If you’re a flavor fiend, this line is for you.

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