5 Reasons Why Men Should Use Polish: CBD Infused Aftershave

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CBD is finding its way into every submarket as we’re learning extensively about how useful its fascinating properties can be. Hence, why it’s not surprising to find cannabidiol being used in men’s grooming products nowadays. One particular type of formula we’re especially excited about is CBD aftershave, which is used just like any ordinary aftershave product, except each application supplies the skin with cannabidiol, which is the essential ingredient of the hemp plant.

In particular, we’ll be looking at a new CBD aftershave product that has the potential to soothe and heal the skin, which is Carolina’s Best Polish: CBD Infused Aftershave.

What Exactly is Polish: CBD Infused Aftershave?

Polish: CBD Infused Aftershave combines the science of the hemp plant with advanced skincare knowledge to deliver the perfect post-shaving formula. It’s used exactly like a traditional aftershave product and contains a rich array of natural ingredients that work together to provide soothing and healing effects to the skin, which usually becomes irritated and inflamed due to constant shaving.

Each bottle contains full spectrum hemp extract, which means that in addition to cannabidiol, it offers every other compound that occurs in hemp. This means that it’s rich in cannabinoids, terpenes and nutrients that each bring something useful to the table, as all of hemp’s compounds work together synergistically while offering their own properties that can enhance the skin.

How Do You Use This Product?

Polish: CBD Infused Aftershave is easy to add to your daily skincare and shaving routine. After you’re done shaving, apply the product directly to your face, patting it into the skin so that it absorbs beyond the top layer. Most men find that one or two pumps is adequate.

Why Polish: CBD Infused Aftershave is a Great Choice

So, what makes Polish: CBD Infused Aftershave such a good choice for men trying to maintain healthy skin? Let’s go over some reasons why it’s ideal for any guy’s daily routine.

Reason #1: Full of Antioxidants

The hemp plant is naturally rich in antioxidants, which means that this aftershave formula may provide longer-term benefits to the skin as well as immediate relief. Antioxidants defend the skin against free radicals that can cause the skin cells to age, which can contribute to fine lines, dull skin, and age spots. Antioxidants also offer anti-inflammatory benefits, which can keep redness at bay, as this is a common complaint of men who shave regularly. Antioxidants may also boost collagen production, which keeps the skin more supple and elastic so that it looks younger.

Reason #2: Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation can severely disrupt the skin, contributing to common conditions including eczema and acne. When the skin is inflamed, it can become red, tight, flaky, and easily irritated. Hemp’s cannabinoids play a role in regulating inflammation and can offer these properties through transdermal absorption. This can also help with ingrown hairs, as inflammation causes them to become large, red and swollen.

Many men find that their skin is prone to inflammation, especially during the colder months of the year, when issues like eczema tend to become more problematic. Therefore, topical anti-inflammatories that are naturally derived are a great way to keep this common problem at bay.

Reason #3: Capable of Soothing Irritation

If there’s one complaint that men have after shaving, it’s that their skin feels irritated and uncomfortable, and sometimes takes on a redder appearance. The act of shaving is, unfortunately, conducive to irritation, due to the abrasion of the blade. But that doesn’t mean that irritated skin is something that you have to live with.

Polish: CBD Infused Aftershave contains a rich array of natural ingredients that are known for their soothing properties, which can calm irritation quickly so that the skin feels healthy and happy once again. Cannabidiol is known for its calming properties which can directly impact the skin, and a variety of essential oils in the formula also soothe the skin so that it can feel less reactive.

Reason #4: Balancing

The pH level of your skin refers to how acidic it is, and if the acidity level of your skin is thrown off balance, it can lead to all kinds of issues including breakouts, inflammation and even proneness to fungal infections. This aftershave contains witch hazel, which naturally balances the skin’s pH level to regulate oil production and overall skin quality, which can lead to skin that looks and feels its absolute best. It is also enhanced with Optiphen Plus, which balances and tones the complexion while acting as a non-irritating or pore-clogging preservative that keeps the ingredients fresh.

Reason #5: Natural Ingredients

More guys are finding that natural, plant-based ingredients are the way to go when it comes to maintaining their skin. Many skincare products contain harsh chemicals that do more harm than good, furthering irritation and stripping the skin of moisture. Polish: CBD Infused Aftershave is rich in natural ingredients including botanicals that are far gentler and better for the long term.

Enhance Your Shaving Experience Today!

Polish: CBD Infused Aftershave comes in a travel-friendly bottle that makes each application a simple and soothing process. Simply pump out the desired amount to control how much you apply to the skin. This bottle is designed to keep the compounds in hemp stable by preventing exposure to light and extreme temperatures.

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