5 Reasons Why Open Pod Systems are Great for Salt-Based Vaping

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Whether you’re an experienced vaper who is used to a sub-ohm setup or a beginner who just quit smoking in favor of a pod mod, you might find that the closed pod system just isn’t working for you. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s costing you so much money to replenish your pod supply, or maybe you don’t like the fact that you’re limited to the flavors that the manufacturer has made available.

While closed pod systems clearly satisfy many vapers’ needs, a lot of users out there are looking for something a little more, well, open. That’s where open pod systems come in. These customizable vaping setups allow you to reap the same benefits of pod mods and salt-based nicotine, only with more options than ever before.

So, is an open pod system right for you? We’ve broken down the key advantages to using this type of vaping kit so that you can decide whether or not it’s time to make the switch.

Differences Between Open and Closed Pod Systems

The differences between open and closed pod systems are pretty simple. And, we’d also like to point out that while open pod systems are technically more advanced than closed pod systems, most that are on the market are user-friendly enough for absolute beginners to get the hang of immediately.

Closed pod systems, as you probably know, are pod systems that consist of two parts: a mod, or battery, and a pod, or e-liquid cartridge. With closed pod systems, the e-liquid already comes in the pod, so all that you have to do is snap it into place in order to stop vaping. When the e-liquid runs out, the pod is thrown away and replaced with a new one.

Closed pod systems utilize packs of pods that are produced by the same manufacturer as the mod pod itself. Typically, a company produces a small number of flavors from which users can choose.

Meanwhile, an open pod system consists of the mod and the cartridge, only the cartridge comes empty. That’s because the user can fill it manually with any salt nic vape juice that’s on the market. The pod cartridge contains a fill port through which the user can insert their e-liquid bottle. The pods that come with these kits usually last through a few refills before they must be replaced with new ones.

Today’s Open Pod Systems

Today’s open pod systems vary in terms of technological involvement. Many open pod systems are extremely straightforward and user-friendly, while others feature highly advanced technology, as you’ll soon discover.

Five Reasons Why Open Pod Systems Might Be a Better Option

Now that you know what this type of device is, here are several benefits for using it.

1. You Can Enjoy Any Vape Juice Flavor on the Planet

Of course, one of the main appeals of an open pod system is that you can enjoy any salt nic e-liquid flavor that’s out there. More and more vape juice companies are producing lines of flavors that are extremely appetizing, which means that using an open pod system allows you to not miss out on what’s available. As you know, with closed pod systems, you often have a small number of flavors to choose from.

2. You’ll Save a Nice Amount of Cash

Another advantage to using an open pod system is that you’ll inevitably save money on e-liquid. That’s because pre-filled e-liquid pods cost more per milliliter than salt nic vape juices that arrive in bottles. We don’t know exactly why the price difference is so much, but all that matters is that if you switch to an open pod system, you’ll enjoy some serious savings. And, as you know, those savings really add up over time, especially if you’re a heavy vaper.

3. You Can Enjoy More Advanced Features for a More Customized Vape

If you go with an open pod system that’s highly advanced, you’ll enjoy some really nice features that help you customize your vapes like never before. Some of the exciting features that we’re seeing on open pod systems are temperature control functions that let you control how hot your coil gets, adjustable airflow that allows you to control your vapor intake and a nice selection of output modes.

4. You Can Choose from a Wider Range of Pod Mod Systems

These days, there are a whole lot of pod systems on the market, and most of them are open pod systems. If you like to choose from a wide selection of mods, go with an open system. You’ll find that you have way more options to choose from, not just in terms of appearance, but also in terms of features, output levels and more.

Today’s pod mods come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, portability levels, wattage levels, features, materials and so on. This means that you can grab a pod mod kit that’s truly in line with your unique needs and preferences.

5. You Can Possibly Choose Between Freebase Nicotine and Salt-Based Nicotine Throughout the Day

Lastly, many of today’s open pod systems come with multiple coils so that you can easily switch between freebase nic and salt nic vape juices throughout the day. This means that if you’re a vaper who doesn’t just enjoy one vaping style, you have the freedom to play around with different ones based on your needs at any given time. These systems are a bit pricier, but many users find that it’s completely worth it as it allows them to customize like never before.

Better Overall Salt Nic Options

While closed pod systems satisfy a lot of users’ needs, open pod systems are, to many, far superior for a number of reasons. This style of vaping allows for more customization, a broader selection of flavors and, perhaps best of all, serious savings in terms of spending. So, if you love salt-based nicotine but want something a bit more advanced, check out the open pod systems that are on the market today and invest in one that suits your unique vaping needs.

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