The 5 Best Premium E-Juice Flavors for New Vapers

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Being new to any situation can be overwhelming, scary, and sometimes confusing. Well, the e-juice industry, especially premium e-liquid brands doesn’t need to be. So, in this blog post we’ll give you newbies some insight into starting with the 5 best premium e-juice flavors.

Our goal is that you’ll be able to make logical starting decisions that align with your flavor preferences. The top 5 flavors for beginners include:

Tobacco: The first flavor every beginner should try is a smooth tobacco. A refined, sweet tobacco flavored e-liquid is a great place to start as the flavor is to be expected; it’s not going to shock your taste buds. We recommend an e-liquid with an undercurrent of vanilla.

Give Cameroon a try!

Cheesecake: The reason is obvious, isn’t it? Everyone loves cheesecake, and it’s a little bit of a different approach to e-liquid flavoring; it’s sweet & creamy. Without overly shocking your flavor palette, you’ll be able to enjoy a truly magnificent e-juice that will start to expand your flavor horizons. Take cover and try Bulletproof today!

Apple: Okay, it’s time to add some pop to your premium e-liquid choice. So, give apple a try. This sharp, but elegant taste will leave you puckering for some of grandma’s famous apple pie. A premium flavor of this magnitude is enjoyable and timeless, and a wonderful place for new vapers to begin. Flapple-schmapple, that's a great vape, Maw-Maw!!

Fruity loops of cereal goodness?: You’ve tried apple, and you’re e-juice taste buds have been expanded. So, let's take things up a notch, and really wake up those taste buds! This e-liquid flavor will begin to bring out the wild explorer in you. Get your daily dose of Ring Leaser's fruity cereal LOOPS. We know you’ll love it!

Interested? Give Ring Leader a try, and say "Bye Bye" to boring vapes!

Mixed Berries: Do you ever sit down and eat a whole bowl of mixed berries? The sweet aroma and tart tanginess that seems to lull your mouth into a coma; it’s amazing isn’t it? Well, how about trying a mixed berry e-juice. With the same bold and premium flavoring, you’ll be craving it throughout the day. Blow it up with Big Bang!

There you have it, 5 flavors for every new vaper to begin with. We know that everyone is different, and that means your tastes too. So, give these concepts a try, and if that doesn’t satisfy your cravings, we'll show you how to create your own e-juice the EZ way...

As always, our team is here to help along the way. Happy vaping!

- The NicVape Team

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