6 Different E-Liquid Brands (Part 1 of 2)

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6 Different E-Liquid Brands (Part 1 of 2)

300 of the best e-liquid flavors on the market.

At NicVape, we pride ourselves on being a premier e-liquid manufacturer and distributor, supplying premium flavors of e-juice to many countries. This is no small feet, as our team has created over 300 flavors, including 6 different e-liquid brands.

This month is Thanksgiving, and we’d just like to take a minute to be thankful for you, our customers. Because of you we’ve be able to provide simple, affordable, and premium e-liquids, and we’re truly grateful for that opportunity. So, here’s a breakdown of our e-liquid brands, and a reminder of NicVape’s vaping solutions.

Camouflage: Camouflage is e-liquid community at it’s best. It’s about camaraderie, and vaping for something more that yourself. This premium example of e-liquids is one of our proudest accomplishments. We then donate $2 for every bottle of Camouflage that’s sold to The Soldiers Project. Is there anything really better that supporting our troops and vaping quality e-liquids?
Drops: Drops is your simple, cheap, and tasteful e-liquid. With a value-conscience collection of 26 flavor options, Drops is a fantastic combination of exotic blends and straight forward e-juice flavors. Most importantly however, this brand of vaping flavors is comprised of quality ingredients and our knowledge of e-liquid manufacturing best practices. This means you’re getting quality e-liquids at an affordable rate.
Origins: Everyone has a beginning, and our e-liquid brand Origins happens to be ours; it’s what helped us launch our premier vaping company. The way we look at it, Origins is the start of a new era, specifically e-juices creating a smoke-free environment. So whether you’re in support of new beginnings, or you love premium and savory e-liquid flavors, Origins is for you.
Learn more here: www.nicvape.com/Origins

It has, and continues to be our honor providing the best e-liquid flavors in the industry. So, once again we’d like to say thank you for being a part of our e-juice community. Although there have been many political road bumps for our line of work, the e-liquid community remains strong, and individuals like you prove that true every day.
Tune in next month for part two of this blog post. We’ll be talking a bit more about the other 3 brands of e-liquid we provide, and some of their unique flavors.
- NicVape Team
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