A Basic Pod Mod Dilemma: Increasing or Decreasing the Wattage Setting

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Anyone who has switched from a box mod system to a pod-based setup knows that there are less ways to customize your experience by playing around with various settings. Technologically speaking, pod systems are simpler devices, meaning that they rarely come with the wide variety of features associated with more advanced, larger vaping systems.

One of the most frequently adjusted settings on any vaping device is the wattage level. This is no surprise considering the fact that the wattage level has everything to do with the kind of vaping experience that a user will have. It affects things like battery life, cloud production and smoothness of the draws. And, now, lots of pod systems come with adjustable wattage settings. So, the question is, when should a vaper increase or decrease their wattage levels while they vape? Allow us to explain.

Wattage Settings on Pod Mods vs. Wattage Settings on Box Mods

Pod mod systems are quite different from box mod systems in many ways. One of the biggest ways is the way in which it utilizes power from the battery. Pod systems are low-wattage devices by nature, because lower wattages are more compatible with salt nic vape juice. This is why many pod systems that are on the market have fixed wattages that are very low. Now that we have pod systems with adjustable wattage settings, however, we can experiment with our output settings a little more.

However, you’ll never be able to explore such a wide range of wattage levels like you can with box mods. That’s because salt nic vape juice cannot handle the high wattage levels for which box mods are known. So, with pod systems that have adjustable wattage settings, the range of wattage levels from which you can choose will always be comparatively small.

When You May Want to Increase Your Wattage Setting

You may want to increase your wattage setting if you’re looking for stronger hits, or if you’re looking for more vaper per hit. While pod systems aren’t known for being conducive to cloud chasing, you can still get more vapor by increasing that wattage. We recommend doing so gradually so as not to burn out your coil.

When You May Want to Decrease Your Wattage Setting

You may want to lower your wattage setting if you want to make your battery last longer. The higher the output level of your device, the more battery power is required, which means that your battery will die fairly quickly. Also, lowering your wattage level can give you smoother hits as high wattage levels heat that coil quite a bit. Lastly, lowering your wattage setting can preserve your vape juice as higher output means burning through vape juice at a faster rate.

When You May Want to Keep Your Wattage Setting as Is

Now, if you feel that you’re satisfied with your vaping experience, there’s nothing wrong with leaving your wattage setting the way it is. Sure, it may be tempting to explore lots of different wattage levels, but ultimately, if you’ve already found your sweet spot, consider yourself lucky and stick with the output level that you have.

Adjustments Still Need to Be Made

Vaping with a pod system may be less complicated than vaping with a box mod system, but there are still adjustments that you may want to make in order to find that sweet spot. If you’re using a pod system that has an adjustable wattage setting, you may find that making changes to the wattage level improves your vape. Use this guide to figure out how much you should adjust the wattage to suit your needs.

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