A Guide to Taking Care of Your Pod Mod Batteries

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We all know the importance of taking care of our vape equipment. Proper maintenance means taking the time to thoroughly clean each hardware component, and it also means being careful not to do things that will be harmful to the device. After all, pod mods are high-performance pieces of equipment, but if they’re not cared for properly, they can prevent you from enjoying the satisfying vapes that you deserve.

It’s possible that the most important component of your pod mod is the battery. Typically, pod batteries are integrated into the device, which means that they’re virtually hidden. Because of this, many vapers underestimate the amount of maintenance that’s required. However, taking care of those pod mod batteries is crucial, as you’ll soon see.

How Pod Mod Batteries Differ from Traditional Vape Batteries

Pod mod batteries are very different from the batteries that are used with sub-ohm setups. Box mod batteries can typically be removed from the device, which allows us to hold them in our hands. This means that we can pay more attention to their needs.

With pod mod batteries, we just don’t see them all that much. That’s because they’re built into the device. However, they require just as much attention and care as the batteries that come with box mods.

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Pod Mod Batteries

Taking care of your pod mod’s batteries is extremely important. For one thing, batteries that aren’t properly maintained will begin to malfunction or lose their power, resulting in less than satisfying vapes. And, in rare cases, batteries that are not maintained can be dangerous.

How to Take Care of Your Pod Mod Batteries Properly

Luckily, taking care of those batteries isn’t that difficult. It just requires that you stay on top of maintaining them regularly.

Prevent Your Pod Cartridge from Leaking E-Liquid

First, it’s important that you prevent your pod cartridge from leaking vape juice everywhere. Those pod mod batteries get pretty hot, and if there’s traces of salt nic e-liquid on them, the batteries will burn that liquid into a hardened, sticky gunk. Once this gunk appears, it can interfere with the functionality of your batteries. So, always make sure to use your cartridge properly so that no leaks occur.

Use the Right Charger for Your Batteries

Also, it’s very important that you always use the correct charger for your unique pod mod batteries. The wrong charger can expose your batteries to the improper voltage which can cause your batteries to die or even explode.

Use the Proper Coil

Your coil and your batteries have a very symbiotic relationship. The resistance level of your coil should be determined by the output level of your batteries. So, always make sure that the coil that you’re using is compatible with your unique pod mod system. Otherwise, those coils can wear out the batteries and reduce their lifespan.

Use the Compatible Pod Cartridge

You should already know the importance of compatibility when it comes to your pod mod and your pod cartridge. Using the wrong pod cartridge isn’t good for your device as the technological specs of the cartridge may be harmful to your battery. So, only use the pod cartridges that were produced by your pod mod’s manufacturer to be compatible.

Don’t Leave Your Mod Outdoors

A big mistake that a lot of vapers make is leaving their setup outdoors for long periods of time. This is harmful in a few ways. For one thing, high levels of heat or high humidity can damage the battery. Additionally, leaving your mod outside allows dirt and debris to get into the mod and interfere with your battery’s functionality.

Charge Wisely

Lastly, make sure that you charge your batteries properly. Only charge them when they need to be charged and avoid letting them sit on the charger for longer than need be.

Working Pod Batteries are Key

To put it simply, without properly working batteries, your vaping sessions won’t be able to satisfy you. This is why taking care of your batteries is so crucial. Neglecting their needs can cost you enjoyable vapes, not to mention a lot of money. Use the guide above to ensure that you keep your batteries in excellent shape.

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