A Quick Vaping Breakdown: Atomizers, Cartomizers, and Clearomizers

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When it comes to finding the right vessel for your e-juice, things can get confusing. That's why we've created this guide that helps you understand the differences between atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers. Each piece of hardware has its unique advantages and disadvantages. By studying this guide, you'll be able to figure out which type of hardware is right for you.


To put it simply, atomizers came first. An atomizer is simply a device which turns liquid into vapor. Atomizers use a heating element that's attached to the tank itself. This heating element is what produces the thick vapor that you inhale.

Associated with sub-ohm vaping, atomizers have a resistance level that is below one ohm. An atomizer technically refers to the coil itself, although the term is often used to describe certain sub-ohm tanks and RDA tanks.

Many vapers prefer atomizers because they allow for the dripping method of vaping. This method involves pouring a few drops directly onto the atomizer at a time rather than maintaining a tank that is filled with vape juice. When a person drips, they enjoy a fuller, richer flavor. This method is only popular with vapers who prioritize flavor above throat hit, cloud density and nicotine intake.


Its design is very similar to a traditional atomizer. However, a cartomizer is wrapped in a special absorbent material that allows more thorough juice saturation. Therefore, it can contain more e-liquid at any given time than an atomizer.

Many vapers believe that a cartomizer reduces the risk of dry hits and burnt wicks due to the intense level of saturation. One of the problems with cartomizers is that they aren't designed for heavy vaping. Also, many find that the wrapping material negatively affects the flavor of the juice by making it taste weak and muddy.


A clearomizer is basically a fancy name for a tank. Unlike atomizers and cartomizers, clearomizers have large juice wells. Equipped with a base thread, clearomizers are used with box mod devices. They also come with a drip tip that enhances vapor intake and cools down the e-liquid before it enters the mouth.

The benefit of using a clearomizer is that you can easily monitor the level of vape juice that's in the tank's well. Also, clearomizers utilize disposable coils, giving the vape enthusiast the ability to experiment with different coil builds to find their sweet spot.

Like the other types of devices listed above, a clearomizer contains a heating element that allows the vape juice to turn into smooth, thick vapor. A clearomizer is often constructed of Pyrex glass.

Find the One That Works for You

Now that you know the difference between atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers, you'll be able to make the right purchase for your unique vaping needs.

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