A Steeper's Paradise

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Is everyone enjoying their vaping experience except you? Well, steeping could be their secret! I bet you’ve heard of that several times. Steeping refers to the practice of giving your e-liquid time to emulsify and settle. The process can drastically improve the flavor of your e-liquid and leave you wondering why it took so long to do it. If you never have steeped or you are a beginner, then it’s time you also have a thrilling experience to share with your vaping community.

Steeping is typical of people who make their e-liquid, but you can as well steep your purchased e-liquid. It is essential to, however, note that not all e-liquids need steeping; some have already undergone that and are ready for vaping. So, how do you know whether to steep or not?

Find out below:

  • Good number manufacturers give details on steeping if necessary including the period required. Find out where it is written.
  • Go online and read customer reviews of the e-liquid you have bought. You will get to know vapers’ experiences, the mistakes they might have made and insightful suggestions that will be very helpful. You can as well consult your vaping friends.
  • Just open the bottle and let your nose do the job. If it smells like some other flavor, then probably it’s time to steep it.
  • Have a little vape, and it will be clear to you if you need to steep or not.

In case you have no clue on the vaping period, most flavors can be steeped for two to four weeks, while others require a longer time like tobacco.

How Steeping Is Done.
Steeping can be done in several ways from simple steps to many complicated steps. Here are two easy ways you can do it:

Let Your E-Liquid Breathe
Just open your e-liquid, keep it a cool and dry place, and leave it to interact with air freely. You can leave it there for time specified or depending on its flavorings and the quantities in it. As your liquid breaths, the harsher alcohols will escape, and the flavors will get enough time to combine well. At the end of your process, you will achieve a better and smoother taste. Once the steeping period is over the cap is replaced back and the e-liquid continuous staying in the cold and dry place. For best results, you should shake occasionally during the steeping period.

Hot Water Bath
The e-liquid bottle is placed in hot water and left to absorb the heat. The water can be replaced once it gets cold until the intended period is over. The heat helps the flavors to blend well. It is recommended to shake the bottle when replacing the water for uniform mixing.

Benefits of Steeping
It improves the flavor. Steeping gives time for the ingredients to mix thoroughly and that brings out a better and greater taste.

The Need to Alter the Taste
The taste of the e-liquid you buy acquires a different taste after steeping it. While some vapers might not have issues with the juice ingredients, some may find it harsh in taste or a little bit irritating to the throat, especially the beginners. Steeping gives the liquid some time to relax and acquire a softer and smoother taste.

For Adventure
Steeping is a process that you can be extremely exciting and not just a boring task. It gives you the opportunity to adventure and get a variety of tastes. Try combining different flavors, mastering different steeping methods, and altering any other factors you could wish. You will realize what brings out the best of your e-liquid.

Before You Plan Your Steeping Paradise
As you plan to achieve that amazing vaping experience, it is important to note the material of the bottle you are using any health risks that may be associated with it. It is preferable to use a bottle that is safe for your health as well as not reactive to your e-liquid like glass bottles. Also, remember that some e-liquids might not bring any difference regardless of the time you invest in vaping. Find out which ones they are and save yourself any frustration.

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