An Inside Look into Competitive Cloud Chasing Vaping

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The world of competitive cloud chasing vaping is a creative and amazing thing to see. It is like watching a magic trick that has you guessing how it was done days after you seen it happen.

Competitive cloud chasing vaping, sub-ohm vaping, extreme vaping and even stunt vaping are all names used to describe this art. No matter what the name you use, the point is that it’s a spectacular thing to see and do.

How It All Started?

The information that is given on the subject isn't exactly clear. But, we can assume that two people were vaping massive clouds one day and started making an art without realizing it.

The Competitive Side of Cloud Chasing Vaping

Cloud chasing vaping hasn't been a sport for that long. The ones who compete are referred to as “professional vapers”. A professional vaper is someone who is in cloud chasing competitions and does this for more than just a hobby. They can blow rings, French inhale and make ripples like its nothing.

Events are big in the sport of cloud chasing. There are money prizes to the amount of up to $100,000 to the one who comes in first place. These competitors have sponsors that are usually vape companies. There is a buzz in Canada about starting competitions recently that will increase the popularity of this amazing new sport.

The rules are simple. Two people stand back to back and whoever blows the cloud the furthest wins to go to the next round. It has been said that one person blew his cloud 5 or 6 feet. That as an amazing distance to keep fog from dissipating.

Wanna Be A Professional Cloud Chaser?

There’s a lot more to becoming a professional cloud chaser then meets the eye.
The first thing you should know is anything and everything there is to know about a vape. Not just how to use a vape but, how it works what ohms are and the different pieces and what they do. You won't be entering competitions with a starter kit and expect to win.

You’re also going to need to about different e-juices and which ones are going to give you the best clouds and are easiest on your throat. There are plenty out there so do your research and choose wisely.

The competitive sport known as cloud chasing is simply amazing. To turn something all of us vapers do every day into a competitive sport is great. If you’re a competitor a watcher or in training enjoy the art of cloud chasing because it is truly spectacular.

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