Are More Advanced Vapers Going Away from Plastic Vape Tanks?

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The recent reports of cracking of vape tanks created a big furor among the vapers. We all know that cracking of a vape tank is not just a messy but also a costly business. What, with the amount of money you spend, no one wants it to crack after a few uses. But don't panic, it isn’t the end of vaping world. First, let's see which part of the device is causing this problem and then we will explore the options available for fixing it.

What is a Vape tank?
Vape tanks, also known as Clearomizers, are the containers that hold the e-liquids. Every non-disposable vaping device has a vape tank, an atomizer, a battery and a charger. While some e-cigs have replaceable cartridges that contain the vape juices, traditional e-cigs have containers that are filled with e-liquids directly. The atomizer is the small heating element that heats up the e-liquid inside the vape tank and converts it into vapor for inhalation. These devices come with a lithium-ion battery which powers the atomizer – via a charger. The vape tanks come in a variety of materials like plastic, glass, Pyrex and stainless-steel. Plastic vape tanks are the cheaper ones, and so most widely used. At least, until now.

What makes the vape tanks to crack?
There are different opinions regarding the causes of this mishap. While some believe that it’s the battery or the atomizer that is responsible for this problem, others think it is the e-liquid. The e-liquids used form the best part of the vaping experience, as they come in a variety of flavors. It is some of the flavorings of this e-liquid which reacts with the polycarbonate plastic material of the vape tank and causes it to crack or even melt.

The studies have shown that it is mostly acidic e-liquids that cause this mishap. Some of the flavors that are known to cause the cracking of vape tank are Banana, Licorice, Clove, Cinnamon, Citrus, Mango, Honey, Pina colada, Peach, etc. While not every vaper has experienced this issue while vaping these e-juices, they are believed to contain the enzyme that reacts with plastic and causes the cracking. Some researchers think that it is the durability of the plastic, especially if it is thin, that causes this problem. Some brands of devices started to put a warning label on these plastic tanks, but they say it’s more like a disclaimer.

But with an ever-increasing number of flavors, it is difficult to maintain a list of e-liquids that cause this problem. The only viable option for this issue is to replace the plastic vape tank with a glass or Pyrex one. This option is reliable and preserves the flavor of the e-liquid for a longer duration. In fact, most of the advanced devices, such as MODs, are now coming in a glass, Pyrex or steel tanks. Some companies even have a steel covering for the glass vape tank to prevent it from breaking.

Apart from this, companies also suggest regular replacement of batteries to prevent this problem. It is also an excellent practice to disassemble the vaping device at nights and when not in use. With proper maintenance of the device, you can hopefully enjoy vaping without any inconvenience.
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