Avoiding E-Liquid Mishaps

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Picking up your device and getting e-liquid all over your hands is a very unpleasant experience for anyone. Besides it being unpleasant, there are also some health concerns because if the liquid contains a high enough nicotine level, it can irritate the skin. Not only can the e-liquid cause skin irritation, but it can also cause the user to become sick if they ingest too much of the liquid.

There are ways to try to avoid this from happening to you.

Stand the Device Upright

One way to avoid leakage is to always have the unit standing upright. Do not lay it on its side when not in use and try to avoid having it on its side or upside down in pockets, purses, or backpacks.

Avoid Overfilling

A common mistake that vapers tend to make is overfilling the tank with e-liquid or oversaturating the wick in the atomizer. If the wick in the atomizer is too damp, it could shoot liquid out of the tip and into the user’s mouth when heated the same way olive oil in a hot frying pan would do. The best way to avoid these issues is to use less liquid and only use when needed per session or two (or the frequency at which you vape).

Make Sure All Parts Are Properly Secured

The next factor when it comes to leakage is that the tank, atomizer, or other parts of the unit are not on tight enough. Always make sure that everything is screwed on and secured snugly to avoid leakage.

Damaged O-ring

Another common issue can also be an e-liquid leak if the O-ring on a tank is damaged or broken, causing the airtight seal around the tank to fail. O-rings are easy to replace and can be found in at your local vape shop or online. Instructional videos can be found on the internet when it comes to locating and replacing O-rings.

Poor Manufacturing

There are times when the tank’s leakage is just because of poor manufacturing of the product. Not all vape hardware is made the same way, so if the user can’t identify the cause of leakage, it would be wise to do a product review online and see if there are similar complaints from other customers. If the manufacturer of the unit has too many complaints, or too many other customers have experienced similar problems, it might be time to consider looking for something different for your vaping needs.

One Last Thought…

It would also be wise to do some research before purchasing either a new part or an entirely new vaping device. That’s why research is key. And don’t be afraid to ask questions either when doing so. By asking questions, you’ll hopefully be able to get the answers you need to make a well-informed purchase.

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