Batteries Can Differ Per Device

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For the three types of vaping devices, there are three major components. The battery which provides an electric current to the coil which in turns heats up liquid contained within a tank of sorts. Here, I would like to focus on the battery, as there are various types used in the different kinds of vaporizers.

Electronic Cigarettes
The first type are electric cigarettes. They’re meant to emulate cigarettes in their design. Furthermore, there are two types of e-cigs. Those that don't have replaceable batteries and those that do.

At roughly the size of cigarettes, their batteries make up most of the device and allow for use up to a few days. There are also disposable e-cigs, where the battery is not reusable,

The batteries used with e-cigarettes result in a little vapor because of them trying to emulate, and therefore help users quit cigarettes altogether.

Portable Vaporizers/Vape Pens
Second, we have portable vaporizers which are much like e-cigs but are often larger and, in effect, have a longer battery life. In most cases, used for up to a week with recharges in between uses. Some allow for pass through or use of the vaporizer while charging the battery.

Many of the batteries that are used also enable the vaper to adjust how the battery delivers current to the coil, which results in various levels of vapor that is more akin to the traditional vaping experience. Unlike e-cigs, the vapor produced tends to be a lot heavier and is closer to what one would expect from a cigarette.

Batteries used with portable vaporizers are more often rechargeable and swappable, allowing you to switch in between different tanks and chambers, which contain the coil and/or your choice of liquid, wax, oil, and herb. Portable vaporizers also are typically composed of a single battery which can range in size and allow for more power, and therefore, an increase in vapor production.

MODs are a whole category of their own. With the result of enabling you to modify your vaping experience to fit your personal needs. These MODs include changing out different tanks and coils for a more flavored or cloud chasing experience, adding Box MODs that allow for one, two or more batteries at the same time.

The use of multiple batteries, hence, leaves room for more vapor production, allows for customization of the how hot or cool the vapor is, and the resulting flavor of e-liquid chosen.

It is essential to be aware of Ohm’s Law with MODs because the amount of resistance created by the coil against the incoming current for the battery you are using will dictate the quality of vapor produced.

Additionally, it is essential also to note when using multiple batteries; they must be married in use. In other words, they must be charged and drained simultaneously to promote longevity and safety.

No matter the type of device you decide to use, it's important to be aware of the batteries implementation. It can have adverse effects on your experience. Also, keep in mind the kind of experience you want to have during your vape sessions. If you don't feel comfortable with little vapor and throwing away batteries, e-cigs may not be for you. Again, it’s all about personal preference. Keep this in mind, and you are sure to have a positive vaping experience.
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