Battery Lingo 101 in the World of Vaping

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A lot of experienced vapers can tell you all about the different types of mods, tanks and coils that are out there, but a surprisingly few number of hardcore vapers know a whole lot about vape batteries. It’s true that batteries are not the most exciting component of one’s vaping setup, but they are, arguably, the most important. After all, without a vape battery, a vaping device would be useless.

Today, we’re gonna breakdown some of the key lingo that is associated with vape batteries. Understanding the jargon will help you have a better idea of how vape batteries operate, and this will make it easier the next time you have to pick up new batteries.

The Importance of Knowing Vape Battery Lingo

We can’t overstate the importance of knowing the lingo that revolves around vape batteries. Many of us take our vape batteries for granted, not realizing that they hold the key to our ability to enjoy a pleasurable vaping session. If you use the wrong batteries with your device, you might not be able to vape at all. Even worse, your device could become dangerous.

As more and more types of vaping hardware hit the market, the variety of batteries that’s available is becoming wider and wider. Knowing the basic terminology will help you figure out which battery is right for your unique setup.


Li-ion refers to lithium ion, which is the type of battery that’s compatible with a box mod device. Box mod devices are high-output devices, which means that only the extremely powerful lithium ion batteries will do. Typically, a box mod will take 18650 lithium ion batteries, with 18650 referring to the size. However, other lithium ion batteries that are used with certain box mod systems include 21700 and 20500.


Voltage is a crucial term as it refers to the amount of energy that is given to the device from the battery. The higher the voltage of a battery, the more power the device can put out. Therefore, it goes without saying that high-wattage devices require batteries with higher voltages.

Capacity (mAh)

A battery’s capacity is the maximum amount of energy that can be provided to a device. Capacity is measured in milliampere hours, which is more commonly referred to as “mAh.” Therefore, when you see a number next to “mAh,” you know that you’re seeing the battery’s capacity.

The more powerful the device you’re using, the higher the capacity of the battery must be. That’s because high-power devices require a lot of energy from a battery.

Dual Battery

When you see “dual battery” in a mod’s product description, it simply means that the device requires two batteries, not one. Most box mods require two batteries due to the amount of power required for them to operate.

Integrated Battery/Built-In Battery

When you read that a device has an integrated or built-in battery, it simply means that the battery is built into the mod, and therefore is not replaceable.

If You Wanna Enjoy a Safe and Satisfying Vaping Experience…

Understanding your batteries is key. This guide will help you understand all of the vape battery lingo necessary so that you can make an educated purchase the next time you need to restock. After all, your batteries play a massive role when it comes to having a successful vape.

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