Best 2019 Fall NicVape E-Liquid Flavors

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Can you feel that breeze in the air? Have you noticed that the nights are getting longer while the days are getting shorter? It’s clear that fall is in the air, which means that a lot of us are getting ready for our favorite time of year.

If you’re as wild about the fall as we are, we recommend grabbing some e-liquids from NicVape that really capture that cozy feeling that we associate with the autumn weather.

Below, you’ll discover three juices that best capture autumn.

2019 Fall Flavor #3: Drops Smooth Tobacco E-Juice

Once the fall weather comes around, we start craving warm, comforting and rich flavors that soothe us. That’s why this e-juice is such a great treat for the autumn season. It takes rich, robust tobacco that’s outrageously smooth, and turns it into a nuanced, warm vape juice that’s as satisfying as your favorite soft, comfy sweater. Inhale that silky smooth consistency strikes you right away. The lusciousness of the rich, smoky tobacco slowly takes over your palate as notes of nuttiness intrigue you. A hint of sweetness seals the deal on the exhale.

2019 Fall Flavor #2: Retro Cheesecake Waltz e-Juice

What’s more satisfying on a chilly day than a rich and creamy dessert that sticks to your ribs? If colder weather is all about indulging, this would be the ultimate e-juice to vape. So decadent that your palate will weep tears of joy whenever you take a puff. Each pull has a tangy cream cheese flavor, making you salivate before plump blueberries fall on your tongue with fruity sweetness. Then, ridiculous richness and creaminess take over as notes of vanilla thrill your senses. Buttery graham cracker crust hits the spot until the next draw.

2019 Fall Flavor #1: Drops Vanilla E-Juice

There’s really nothing like the smooth, warm taste of vanilla bean to comfort you on a chilly, cloudy day. This e-liquid captures that simple yet magical taste beautifully. Trust us when we say that this belongs in your fall collection. On the inhale, that velvety goodness hits you right away. Sweetness blossoms on the tongue as the flavor becomes intensely richer. When you exhale, savor a hint of glorious creaminess.

Put on Your Coziest Fall Sweater and Treat Yourself to These Seasonal Vape Juices

These fall-oriented e-liquids will help you get into the mood of the season in no time. If you’re a fan of this crisp, cool time of year, we recommend that you grab all three. Each warms the soul as the temperatures.

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