Best 2020 Autumn E-Liquid Flavors from NicVape

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After months of relentless heat, there is a chill in the air that’s telling us that fall has arrived. Many of us embrace this season wholeheartedly, eagerly slipping on sweaters and cozying up at home on cool evenings. It also means the awesome food that fits the season perfectly, along with shopping for the upcoming holidays and decorating the house for Halloween.

NicVape’s Best Fall Flavors

If you enjoy all that the fall season has to offer, you will likely want to grab these five vape juices below. Each one has a flavor profile that makes us think of what autumn is all about.

Autumn E-Liquid Flavor #5: Camouflage On-the-Double Max-VG E-Liquid

Autumn is all about warm and soothing flavors that comfort the soul on chilly days and nights. That’s why we love On-the-Double, which is a tribute to honey nut granola sprinkled on top of creamy, rich yogurt. The nuttiness, sweetness and smoothness remind us of our favorite fall treats.

When you inhale, the tangy yogurt taste comes through immediately, becoming richer along the way. Meanwhile, hints of nutty, sweet and savory oats hit the spot before a drizzle of glorious honey seals the deal on the exhale.

Autumn E-Liquid Flavor #4: Tradewinds Tobacco Turkish e-Liquid

If you’re all about tobacco flavors, Turkish is your go-to this autumn. Its spicy, nutty and warm flavor profile perfectly captivates the spirit of the season, warming your soul and intriguing your palate. It’s also one of the smoothest tobacco flavors that we offer, making it the ideal all-day vape.

As the vapor touches your tongue, the hints of buttery nuts and Eastern spices thrill your palate to its core. Then comes sublime smokiness that reminds you of sitting around a firepit on a chilly fall evening. When you exhale, sweetness emerges, tying everything together.

Autumn E-Liquid Flavor #3: Drops Ice E-Juice

If you’re one of those people who loves the cold weather, then Ice is for you. Many people savor that first chilly day when they can bundle up in their favorite coat. Ice is a chilling vape juice that will make you feel like the cold temperatures have arrived at last. It’s an intense menthol that can be enjoyed on its own or added to your favorite flavor profile from NicVape.

As soon as you let that vapor into your mouth, a tingle will take over your tongue, as icy goodness makes its way across your mouth. When you exhale, the iciness becomes bold, making you shiver.

Autumn E-Liquid Flavor #2: Drops Fire E-Juice

Autumn is all about warming, invigorating spices, as can be seen in our favorite fall-oriented treats like pumpkin spice lattes and gingerbread. That’s why Fire is such a great companion to the fall season. This cinnamon-flavored vape gives you a nice, soothing spice that gets the whole mouth tingling. It’s delicious on its own, but it can also be combined with your favorite dessert or fruit vape.

Fire begins with a gentle spice level that teases your taste buds, before becoming more robust right before you exhale.

Autumn E-Liquid Flavor #1: Drops Red Apple E-Juice

If there’s one fruit that we associate with the fall season, it’s red apples. Red Apple from NicVape is one of the cleanest, most natural-tasting red apple flavors that you’ll find on the market, bursting with juiciness that never fails to satisfy.

As you take in a puff of vapor, that crisp and smooth taste intoxicates your palate and reminds you of going apple-picking. The flavor becomes sweeter and sweeter as it rolls across the tongue. The exhale leaves you feeling refreshed.

Grab a Sweater and Vape These Seasonal Flavors from NicVape

At NicVape, we’ve got some tasty seasonal vape juices that can get you into the fall spirit. Now that this season is upon us, the time has come to stock up on these fall-oriented delights.

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