Best 4th of July E-Liquids from NicVape

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The most patriotic holiday of all is less than a week away, and now is the time to grab your vape juice flavors that will help you best get into the spirit of Independence Day. At NicVape, we’re proud to celebrate this holiday along with all of you, and we’ve come up with a list e-liquid flavors for this celebrated day.

So, are you ready to satisfy your taste buds while you celebrate the 4th in style? Get ready, because these seasonal treats will help you take your plans to the next level whether you’re going to see fireworks or just spending the day kicking it with your buds while taking in the sun.

Patriotic E-Liquid Flavor #3: Camouflage At Ease Max-VG

Once July comes around, there’s one fruit that’s on everyone’s mind, and that’s juicy, crisp melons. A tribute to this summertime delicacy, this juice provides you with nothing but the tantalizingly smooth taste of fresh honeydew. It’ll refresh your thirst without requiring that you cut into a big, messy fruit. Inhale that smooth, crisp taste that takes over your palate and puts you at ease right away. Then, the juice runs down the throat to quench your thirst. When you exhale, the sweetness comes through to please your sweet tooth.

Patriotic E-Liquid Flavor #2: Retro Spun Sugar

If your idea of the perfect July evening involves walking around the local carnival and going on some rides, get ready for this one. As the name implies, this is the most flavorful cotton candy e-juice that you’ll ever have the pleasure of vaping. The sweetness level is sublime, and it truly tastes like the real thing. As you draw in some vapor, that familiar taste comes to life on the palate. Finally, the sugar becomes nice and caramelized.

Patriotic E-Liquid Flavor #1: NicVape Heroes | Drops Max | Classic American Tobacco

If celebrating a holiday with a few beers makes you feel tempted to reach for an analog, just grab Heroes Drops Max instead. This e-juice gives you the exact taste of a bold, rich cigarette, only without the guilt. Inhale a bold, nutty taste that reminds you of your favorite cigs. The smokiness starts to increase as the flavor becomes richer. Then, when you finally exhale, a touch of sweetness rounds out the flavor profile beautifully.

Let the Vaping Fireworks Begin!

Why not make the most of the holiday with these exceptional vape juice flavors? Each captures the spirit of Independence Day in its own unique way, which is why we suggest grabbing all three. Enjoy your holiday from all of us at NicVape!

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Midnitelover July 27, 2019 9:24 PM reply
love the 4th

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