Better E-Juice. Not Bitter E-Juice

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You have probably been there: You sit down for a relaxing vape session, take your first pull, and find that the sweet e-liquid you just bought tastes burnt. There are basic underlying causes to this unhappy phenomenon, and that charcoal-taste is easy to avoid. All that is required is some knowledge, and you can enjoy a great vape every session.

Coils and Wicks
A scorched taste in your vapor often means something is burnt in your vaporizing unit. The coil and wicks can become overheated in the process of vaping. This will cause the cotton of a coil or wick to burn up, often leaving it dark and charred. Once you burn the wick or coil, there is no fixing the damage. Burnt cotton won’t pick up the liquid properly, and continuing to vape with toasty wicks or coils will only make the burning escalate. It is best to outright replace damaged wicks and coils.

Something to note: A coil is an item in your vaporizing unit that requires eventual replacement, no matter how carefully maintained. If you have had your original coil for a while it might simply be time for a new one.

Sometimes, this is to blame for that bitter vapor. Certain lower-quality brands just do not taste right, and should be avoided. Alternatively, your e-juice may be too thick to keep up with your vaping demands. Thinner liquid saturates the wick more quickly. If you prefer a sweet vape, know that most sweeteners make e-juice thicker. Similarly, e-liquid made with a vegetable glycerin (VG) base is thicker than its counterpart, the propylene glycol (PG) base.

Some vapers prefer vegetable glycerin, for its smooth and thick. There is a happy medium in finding an e-liquid with a nearly-equal blend of VG and PG. If even a blend is out of the question, investing in a vaporizer made for thicker e-fluid is an excellent option.

Set-Up and Maintenance of Your Device
When using a new coil for the first time, be sure to prime it. Certain coils require different priming, but generally it is as simple as applying a bit of e-juice to the cotton inside the coil to saturate it. Always consult any documentation your product comes with to ensure proper priming.

After priming you will want to break in a new coil. To achieve this, start by setting your unit to low voltage and saturating the wicks with e-liquid in the tank. Once saturated and properly set, give multiple short presses to the power button of the unit.

Do not forget to clean. Get any residue out of the tank before refilling.

Proper Vaping
The way you use your device also factors into the chance of burning. Some guidelines to follow whenever you’re about to vaporize, while simple and easy, can make the world of difference in the quality and longevity.

Be sure to allow the juice to soak into the wicks before you ever try a drag. If your unit has a manual battery, it is also good practice to warm the battery up with several short-button presses prior to vaping.

Avoid taking long drags while vaping, as this will eventually cause overheating. Steer clear of chain vaping, as well, as it doesn’t allow enough time for the fluid in the tank to penetrate the cotton of the wick. Additionally, the continuous heat that comes with chain vaping makes e-liquid and coils wear much faster.

Keep a vigilant eye on your e-liquid level. If the tank’s liquid level is too low to saturate the wicks, you are guaranteed to burn-up quick. On the other hand, never overfill your tank. Too much liquid means that the unit is heating the fluid unevenly, which leads to eventual burning.

Lastly, don’t crank your voltage up to ridiculous levels. Start at a low setting and work your way up, slowly. You want to find a happy balance between preferred smoke density and what your unit can handle. Huge clouds may look cool, but they may also be torching your vaporizing unit.

Final Thoughts

By keeping these simple vaping care tips in mind, you never need to endure burnt vapor again. All it takes to achieve a smooth experience is some know-how, a little bit of time, and an observant eye.

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