Can You Add a Flavor Concentrate to a Salt-Based E-Liquid?

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DIY vaping is a trend that’s not going anywhere. Lots of vape enthusiasts love the fact that they can make their own delicious flavors from scratch while saving money and having a unique creative outlet. This hobby has been around for years, and now that nicotine salts have exploded on the scene, lots of DIY vapers are starting to make their own salt-based e-liquids with incredible ease.

Now, part of DIY vaping is finding the perfect flavoring agents to ensure that each batch tastes smooth, fresh and delicious. The question on many DIY vapers’ minds is whether or not they can use traditional flavor concentrates with salt-based e-juices.

The Difference Between Salt Nic and Freebase Nic DIY Vape Juices

Let’s quickly explain the differences between these two types of vape juices so that you can understand how a flavor concentrate is compatible with each one. Freebase nic e-liquids and salt nic e-liquids have one major difference, and it’s the type of nicotine that it contains. Salt nic, as we know, is a lot more potent, and can exist in higher concentrations than its freebase counterpart without creating a super harsh sensation when it’s inhaled. However, the VG, PG and flavoring ingredients are all the same.

Adding a Flavor Concentrate to a Salt-Based E-Juice – Can It Be Done?

You can absolutely use a flavor concentrate with a salt-based e-juice. Because the formula is totally the same other than the type of nicotine that’s used, a flavor concentrate will work perfectly no matter which kind of vape juice you’re making.

Adding a Flavor Concentrate to a Salt Nic E-Liquid the Right Way

Now that you know that you can use a flavor concentrate with vape juice containing nicotine salts, it’s time to talk about how to add it properly. Actually, it’s the same process as it is with adding flavoring to a freebase nic vape juice. Most vapers find that ten percent is the perfect amount of flavoring in their DIY vape juice batch. Of course, you can give or take based on your personal vaping preferences.

As is the case with any DIY vape juice, using flavor concentrates that are high in quality is the key. High-quality flavor concentrates will taste much better and will taste far more like the real thing that you’re trying to reproduce in e-juice form. At NicVape, we have a wide variety of very tasty flavor concentrates that are great for your DIY vape juice endeavors.

Give That Nic Salt Some Added Flavor Today!

It’s clear that using a flavor concentrate is completely acceptable whether you’re creating an e-liquid with freebase nicotine or an e-liquid with salt-based nicotine. While the type of nicotine is different in these two vape juices, the rest of the formula is exactly the same, which is why using a flavor concentrate is fine either way. If you’re going to be making DIY salt nic e-juices, check out the flavor concentrates from NicVape in order to take your flavor experience to a whole new level.

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