Can You Still Take CBD After Getting a Flu Shot?

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As we all know, we’re deep into flu season, and many of us know at least one person who has already been affected by the flu epidemic. While a lot of us can overcome the flu, those with compromised immune systems can die from the virus. Therefore, flu prevention is very important, not just because it can keep us from developing the virus, but because if we do catch the flu, we have the potential to pass it onto others who are not in as good a state of health as we are. Of course, the most popular way to avoid getting the flu is by taking the annual flu shot each year.

Now, if you’re reading this article, you’re likely someone who uses hemp regularly. We know that certain things can interact with the flu shot, but what about CBD? Well, allow us to answer your questions so that you can maintain your CBD lifestyle while also doing what is necessary to avoid the flu at all costs.

Basics on the Flu Shot

We are all aware of the dangers of a flu epidemic due to the serious nature of this virus. A way to try to control instances of the flu is for chemists to develop a flu shot each year. In order to create the flu shot, clinical researchers must predict which strains will be prevalent during the coming flu season and make vaccinations against those particular strains. Now, as we know, these researchers are not always correct in their predictions, but the general consensus is that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

One reason why the flu shot is so popular is because there is no real cure for the flu. The flu is viral in nature, which means that it can’t be taken out with antibiotics. This means that those who have the flu must allow it to run its course before they can feel better. The flu shot is technically a vaccine, which means that trace amounts of the virus are injected into the body so that a person can build up an immunity to it before they come into contact with it. Therefore, the flu shot can very temporarily and subtly weaken one’s immune system.

What CBD Users Need to Know About the Flu Shot

So, what does the flu shot have to do with CBD? Well, when a person takes a particular substance on a regular basis, they should know how that substance can interact with something such as the flu shot. And, we also want to point out that some people take CBD in order to enhance their well-being, hoping that it can contribute to a stronger ability to defend oneself during flu season. But, as it stands, no studies have shown that CBD can prevent the flu or any other viruses.

Right now, we can tell you that no research has been done regarding the interaction between CBD and the flu shot. Therefore, we cannot tell you whether or not you can combine the two in one day. What we do know is that some people suggest that you shouldn’t consume marijuana on the same day as the flu shot. But, this seems to have to do with the high THC level in marijuana, and as we know, CBD only has trace amounts of this compound.

It seems that high THC levels can temporarily lower the immune response only while the compound is actually active in the bodily system. Due to the fact that the flu shot can also temporarily weaken the immune system, experts believe it’s best to avoid marijuana. But, what about hemp? Well, right now we don’t have any evidence that hemp weakens the immune system.

However, if you’re taking the flu shot, it’s because you want to be very careful to avoid a potentially deadly virus in the event that it becomes an epidemic. So, chances are that you’re a generally cautious person when it comes to your health. That’s why we suggest that if you really want to be safe, take a couple of days off of CBD following a flu shot administration. This way, you won’t be doing anything that has even the slightest risk of negatively interacting with the flu vaccination. Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You’re Good to Go

As you can see, there’s nothing to show that CBD and the flu shot can create a negative interaction, or that CBD can weaken the potency of the vaccine while increasing your chances of getting sick. However, if you want to stay on the safe side, we suggest that you wait a few days after getting the flu shot before resuming your CBD usage. And, there’s nothing wrong with asking your doctor for further guidance.

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