Can Your Vape Tank Start to Smell?

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We all take lots of care in order to ensure a delicious vaping experience. Many of us splurge a bit so that we can treat ourselves to the yummiest e-liquid flavors that we can get our hands on. However, if you’re not taking care of your tank, you might end up finding that eventually, there’s a weird odor whenever you attempt to hit your mod.

If your vape tank starts smelling, it’s important to identify why that’s the case so that you can take proper action.

The E-Liquid is Low in Quality

First, let’s rule out the simplest reason of all, which is that your e-liquid just isn’t cutting it in terms of quality. Low-quality juices often contain ingredients that have a synthetic or chemical-like odor that can be quite unpleasant. Or, perhaps, the ingredients in your cheap vape juice can’t really handle the high wattage level at which you’re vaping. Either way, if you’re using poor-quality juices in order to save money, reconsider your choices.

You’re Not Cleaning It Frequently Enough

The most obvious reason for a smelly vape tank is a lack of cleanliness. Practically every vaper knows the importance of maintaining their equipment, yet few actually follow through with weekly cleaning sessions. The reality is that your tank needs to be cleaned often because that old juice starts turning into sticky gunk that can begin to smell pretty bad.

Another benefit of cleaning your tank is getting rid of any accumulation of bacteria, especially around the mouthpiece area. Since you’re constantly putting that mouthpiece between your lips, it’s not hard to imagine that the bacteria from your mouth is partly responsible for that odor.

Switching Between Flavors without Cleaning Each Time

Even if you clean your tank fairly regularly, you might still be failing to clean it between each time you try out a new flavor. Whenever you try out a new flavor, it’s crucial that you thoroughly wash the components of your tank beforehand. Otherwise, residue from the old e-liquid will remain and potentially clash with the new e-liquid’s aroma and flavor profile.

Your Coil is the Problem

Once in a while, your coil is actually the culprit behind that unpleasant tank odor. If your coil is burnt out or flooded, it might smell pretty bad. So, before you do anything else, take the coil out of your tank and give it a good whiff to make sure that it’s not the problem.

What to Do When Your Vape Tank Smells

The good news is that a smelly vape tank isn’t the end of the world. You most likely don’t have to run out and buy a new one. In most cases, a thorough washing will do the trick.

To properly wash your vape tank:

  1. Try to take it apart completely.
  2. Then, dunk all of the components into a bath of water and rubbing alcohol.
  3. Allow them to bathe in this mixture for about ten minutes before leaving them to dry on a paper towel for about thirty minutes. The alcohol will disinfect each piece of your vape tank while deodorizing it with its neutralizing properties.
  4. If your tank is seriously gunked up with old juice, you might want to take this cleaning session a step further with a cotton swab or some other instrument that can rub off any residue.

To prevent your tank from smelling bad again, practice this cleaning routine at least once a week.

Proper Tank Cleaning is Crucial

While a smelly tank can ruin your vaping experience, cleaning it properly is usually all that’s required.

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