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Founded in 2010, NicVape got it's start by sourcing and working out the logistics of supplying pure and diluted nicotine to U.S. e-liquid manufactures. We are dedicated to the principles of quality, health and safety in manufacturing practices, receiving multiple awards and recognition for our e-liquids and diluted nicotine products. Our facility, located in Spartanburg, SC, is AEMSA certified, and and adheres to strict cGMP standards and guidelines in our manufacturing processes.

NicVape is a top supplier of:

  • Nicotine:
  • Nicvape sources the highest quality pure Nicotine available in the world to make our diluted nicotine products.
  • E-Flavors - Professional E-Liquid flavor concentrates:
  • Only flavor concentrates on the market engineered specifically for inhalation. Diacetyl and Acetyl propionyl free.
  • USP grade PG/VG:
  • All NicVape raw materials undergo a rigorous inspection and testing process concluding with certification by an accredited 3rd party laboratory. All documentation is available for download for customer convenience.
  • E-Liquid:
  • With 6 collections of outstanding quality e-liquid, we're sure to have a favor that you're gonna love!
  • E-Base:
  • The DIY E-Liquid for Not-So-DIY Vapers, or anyone that wants a simpler, easier way to make great tasting, high quality e-liquid at home.

Some of the best names in the industry have come up with us. If you're looking to get started or shopping for new materials, give us the chance to earn your business today.

Contact our Customer Service Department and get started!

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