Clearomizers: Is it Wise to Have A Full Tank?

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Clearomizers are popular with both new and experienced vapers. They offer convenience in that they allow for extended vaping without the need to drip e-liquid constantly. There are different types of them including sub-ohm clearomizers that provide flavor and vapor production comparable to that of re-building dripping atomizers. One of the questions you may want to consider is whether you want to keep your clearomizer full or not. Consider the following list of pros and cons, considering your own vaping habits, and what your vaping priorities are.

Pros of Having a Full Clearomizer

You Avoid Dry Hits
If you are an experienced vaper, you have probably witnessed a dry hit at one time or another. Dry hits occur when there isn’t enough e-liquid getting to the coil. The result is a taste that can only be described as foul. In extreme cases (such as with a sub-ohm coil), a dry hit can cause the cotton in the coil to burn. If the cotton burns, the coil will be useless. The limited research performed on e-cigarettes thus far has indicated that dry hits could possibly produce formaldehyde and other toxic substances under the right circumstances. Whether or not this is true, a full clearomizer keeps your coil wet and ensures that the only thing going into your lungs is vapor from your e-liquid.

It Keeps You from Running Out
A full 3ml tank can last a moderate vaper most of a day. Making sure that your clearomizer's tank is full can therefore ensure that you are able to vape for a while without needing to refill.

It Can Help Your Tank to Last
Constantly screwing and unscrewing a clearomizer to refill it can result in wear to the threads and unnecessary stresses on the tank portion. If you fill it all the way each time, you will not have unscrewed it as often.

Cons of Having a Full Clearomizer

More Leaking
While leaks are rare with most newer clearomizers, they do happen and can a) waste your e-liquid and b) be messy. Leaks can occur because of a crack in the tank or because the base was not screwed on tightly enough after refilling. If there’s not much e-liquid in your clearomizer and it leaks, you may be thankful for not having a full tank.

It Can Make Coil Changes Difficult (With Some Clearomizers)
With most clearomizers, it is possible to remove the base with the coil in it without having to dump e-liquid; however, this isn’t possible with all types. In some cases, you will have to remove the e-liquid with a syringe or dump it out to adjust or replace the coil. If your tank’s full, this will obviously make emptying it more difficult.

Clearomizers are popular because they offer a portable and consistent vaping experience. You maximize these benefits by keeping it full. However, you should also check to make sure that the coil works before filling your clearomizer all the way and take steps to keep it from leaking.

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