Coils: Primed and Ready

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Every experienced vape enthusiast knows that few things are as important as properly priming your coils. If you don't prime your coils, you'll end up with a vape that's anything but enjoyable. Plus, you'll find yourself wasting money as coils that haven't been primed tend to burn out very quickly.

Why You Should Always Prime Your Coils

Before you know how to prime your coils, it's important to understand why it's so important to prime them properly. The center of a vape coil consists of a highly absorbent type of cotton. If the cotton hasn't been saturated with vape juice, it will dry out once heat has been applied to it. In other words, firing your device with a dry coil will cause the coil to burn out pretty much instantly.

A coil that's been only slightly primed may last for a short while before burning out. Alternatively, a poorly primed coil may result in a poor flavor and lots of unpleasant dry hits.

How to Prime Your Coils

Step #1: Before installing your new coil into your tank, saturate the cotton section with vape juice. Go around each hole and into the top section of the coil to make sure that every piece of exposed cotton has had vape juice applied to it. Then, allow the coil to sit for five minutes. This will allow the vape juice to evenly saturate the entire cotton piece.

Step #2: Take your vape tank off your device. Install the coil into your tank. Make sure that it is secure. Then, fill your tank with juice.

Step #3: Reattach your tank to your vaping device. Without firing your vaping device, take about ten large hits every ten seconds. The sucking motion will further saturate your coil's cotton.

Step #4: Turn on your unit. Set the wattage very low. Then, take about five hits. After five hits, turn your wattage up by about ten. Then, take another five hits. Repeat this process until it has reached the desired wattage level.

Some Things to Consider

If you hear a gurgling noise or taste a burnt flavor, it's likely that you haven't saturated your coil with enough juice. You can remove your coil and pour more vape juice onto the cotton before trying to use it again.

In the event the e-liquidstarts leaking from your tank, it is possible that you've actually over-saturated your vape coil. If that is the case, you can remove the coil and try to blot excess juice with a paper towel before reinstalling it.

Keep These Priming Tips in Mind

Without a properly primed coil, your vaping session will be anything but pleasurable. Fortunately, priming a vape coil is a quick and easy process.

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