Creativity Running Wild in the Vaping Industry

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The vaping industry has evolved a lot over the last twelve or so years, and thanks to its massive success in the mainstream, an incredible number of people have been able to successfully kick their tobacco habit in favor of this innovative and uniquely satisfying technology. Vaping began with the humble e-cigarette, and in just a little over a decade, it’s become a huge market that’s bursting at the seams with a wide variety of fascinating and exciting products.

Of course, the reason why the vaping industry has become as successful as it is is because of the fact that it’s full of highly creative innovators. From the e-liquids that we savor to the versatile devices that we use, everything that we love about vaping was dreamt up by someone with an extremely creative mind. Without the creativity that’s driving the industry, many of us would still be smoking cigarettes, after all.

Innovative Devices with Impressive Technology

Do you remember the first vaping devices that hit the market back in 2007? They were electronic cigarettes, and they were low-wattage devices that looked and felt like cigarettes, except they utilized e-liquid instead of tobacco to produce vapor that looked and felt a lot like smoke. E-cigarettes still exist, but most vapers don’t even notice them in the stores because there are just so many more exciting devices out there today.

When e-cigs came out, they were enormously popular because smokers realized that they could use them in order to get off of tobacco. However, they weren’t very powerful devices, and they had their limitations. For one thing, users couldn’t select the wattage level at which they vaped, which meant that they couldn’t really customize their experience like they wanted to.

Then, within just a couple of years, a number of hardware brands emerged with new takes on e-cigarettes that were far more powerful, versatile and generally advanced than the low-wattage devices that were leaving so many users feeling disappointed. First came pen mods, and then box mods. Suddenly, the market boasted a several exciting brands that were competing with each other by developing highly creative vehicles for users to get their nicotine satisfaction.

It didn’t take long before box mods became the device of choice. And, the creative geniuses running these hardware companies quickly figured out that they had to be highly innovative in order to compete. So, we started seeing extremely unique features coming out such as temperature control, adjustable airflow and never-before-seen output modes. Even the designs behind these devices became exercises in visual creativity as they began to take on new and unique shapes, sizes and color schemes.

Nowadays, devices are more diverse than ever before. The creative forces behind hardware companies have allowed us to have access to a wide array of setups that each boast their own unique features and advantages. Of course, we now have pod mods that have changed the industry forever. And, we have squonk boxes as well as a wide array of atomizers that change the way in which we enjoy our conventional mods.

The Wonderful World of E-Liquids

E-liquids have evolved as devices have evolved, and users couldn’t be happier. The first e-liquids came in pre-filled cartridges that were produced by the manufacturers of e-cigs, and this left vapers feeling very limited. When box mods began to take over, however, many e-juice companies appeared overnight as these devices allowed users to pour any flavor into their tanks.

As we know, e-juices are more diverse than ever before, and there’s a flavor out there for every type of craving under the sun. Additionally, they’re now available in a salt nic form thanks to some highly creative and technologically savvy individuals who figured out a more satisfying way to deliver nicotine to former smokers.

DIY Vaping for Creative Vapers

For many vapers, buying pre-made vaping goods isn’t exciting enough. That’s why today’s market is filled with goodies for those who want to give DIY vaping a try. Vapers who are particularly creative enjoy building their own coils and crafting their own e-liquid flavors from scratch. And, companies have found ways to make DIY vaping easier and more enjoyable than ever before by releasing user-friendly and exciting products.

Clouds, Clouds and More Clouds

Vapers have other avenues for expressing their creativity as well, and perhaps the most popular avenue of all is cloud competitions. Thanks to the thick, large clouds that box mods create, vapers can enter competitions and show off their creative side by creating visual displays with the abundant vapor that they get when they take a hit off of their mod. These competitions demonstrate how the creative forces behind the industry have given users a whole new way to interpret this technology that was originally created to serve as a nicotine replacement method.

Who Knows What Wildly Creative Product Will Take Over the Industry Next?

Thanks to the creative geniuses behind the vaping industry, we can feel extraordinarily satisfied without having to turn to cigarettes. As the vaping industry continues to evolve over the years, we can expect to see even more astonishing innovations that will make the market only that much more successful.

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