DIY Vaping Bottles: Clear vs UV

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This article will go into detail about which bottle to use to store your e-juice (the essential for vaping). There are many options, so knowing about each will help make it easier for you to decide which is right for you.

Clear Glass Bottles

  • Clear glass bottles come in many sizes.
  • You can get them with droppers or regular caps.
  • Some DIYers really like the clear bottles because you can see what you are getting. There’s no real surprise as to what color your e-juice is and no hidden secrets about the look of what you’re buying.
  • Clear glass bottles allow you to perfect the look you would like of your vape juice. You can design a label and make it look the way you want. If you’re going to make e-juice and sell it, or make a business out of it, then the look and style is very important.
  • Clear glass bottles can handle the heat, which you use when typically, steeping e-liquid. The con of this is that the bottle can lose flavor quickly when exposed to ultraviolet rays. If you leave it out for a long period of time the flavor may be greatly altered.

Clear Plastic Bottles

You may prefer clear plastic bottles, which are lighter than glass bottles, and that is a personal choice. As for other benefits:

  • They are less expensive and easily reusable.
  • The plastic bottle has all the same options of size and droppers as glass. They’re less likely to break during shipping or otherwise.
  • On the cons side, plastic bottles may have a slight tendency to deteriorate the flavors of your vape juice. Some vapers reported seeing a film-type substance in their clear plastic bottles. Although, this probably was from reusing and not getting it clean enough, something to watch for.

Depending on your outlook on plastic, you can decide it that’s a good option or not for your liquid storage.

UV Glass and Plastic Bottles

A UV glass or plastic bottle is the other option.

  • There are tinted or colored bottles.
  • If you’re making your own e-juice, this would be a great choice because they are awesome for reusing, much easier to clean, and less cross contamination of the flavors.
  • They still hold up well very well to the steeping process, too. These bottles safely store your e-juice as it steeps its way into perfection.
  • Ultraviolet rays can kill the flavor of e-liquid. So, by having a bottle that has ultraviolet protection, it will block out the sun’s harmful rays and protect the flavor of your e-juice. Like wine, the longer e-juice sits, the better it gets, so by having it in an ultraviolet bottle, it’ll have more time to steep in a protected environment.
  • Some vapers like the look of these bottles better. They like that they’re colored, and you can't see the liquid inside. Some say if you have an ultraviolet bottle, you’re e-liquid will have better flavor; they say it taste the way it’s supposed to- full of flavor. Of course, this is just an opinion of what you look for in the flavor of your juice.

Again, you can get ultraviolet bottles in both glass and plastic.

Plastic UV Bottles VS Glass UV bottles:

  • A glass bottle is heavier; some vapers prefer that. There is no real difference in the bottles other than if you prefer glass or plastic. Many vapers don’t like plastic for numerous reasons, including the materials it's made from. However, plastic bottles are less likely to break and are less expensive than glass.
  • Both clear glass, UV glass, clear plastic, and UV plastic bottles have the option of having child resistant caps. You can buy all styles of bottles many shapes and sizes.

In short, no matter what your preference is, whether you’re looking to make your own interesting flavors of vape juice or searching for the best tasting or maybe even the cheapest e-juice, it’s really all about personal choice. Of course, you will want to consider the flavor content of UV bottles over clear bottles. A lot of DIY vapers say it doesn't matter what bottle you use. DIY vaping is all about individuality and personal preference. DIY vapers can choose many things to what bottle it comes in, what flavors you want, what type of inhaler you choose to even make your own unique flavors.

So, it really is just a personal choice, and either way, once you try both, you’ll know which one suits your vaping needs.

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