DIY Vaping: The Skillful Art of Cloning a Flavor

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If you’re a DIY vaper who really cares about flavor, you might want to get into the practice of flavor-cloning. Besides allowing you to recreate the unique flavor profiles that are most exciting to your palate, this practice allows you to save money by making your own version with wholesale ingredients rather than having to pay full price for a retail product. If you want to start flavor-cloning, this article is for you. We’ll be helping you become a flavor-cloning master by providing you with helpful tips and tricks.

How’s This an Artform?

As the name implies, flavor-cloning is replicating a flavor produced by a vape juice manufacturer. Basically, if there’s an e-liquid that you used to buy that has a flavor that you find intoxicating, you can simply “clone” the flavor by reproducing it yourself. This is a great way to break into the world of DIY vaping, in fact, as it allows you to try out recipes that you know will work as opposed to making them up yourself. And, there’s something uniquely gratifying about nailing the complex taste of a company’s vape juice that’s extremely popular.

Tips to Help You Clone Flavors Like A Pros

Get ready to do some cloning now:

Tip #1: Start with Something Simple

It’s best to start out by reproducing a relatively simple flavor. That’s because in the beginning, you likely don’t have a strong grasp on how to mix a bunch of different flavoring agents together. The more flavors in one e-liquid, the more room for error as just a couple drops too many can ruin the overall taste.

Let’s say that there’s a famous vape juice out there that combines red apples with menthol. Try to reproduce this flavor since it only contains two different flavoring agents. Then, purchase the brand’s version so that you can do a side-by-side taste comparison. Don’t be hard on yourself if it’s not perfect as this practice takes time.

Tip #2: Practice Restraint

Remember that there is such a thing as too much flavor. Don’t just pour a whole lot of flavoring extract into your e-liquid batch to make it taste stronger.

Tip #3: Make a Few Small Batches

Instead of making one giant batch of a flavor clone, try making a couple of small batches that are each a little different. This way, you can test each one to see which one comes closest to the vape juice that you love. Don’t forget to write down each recipe so you can come back to it later.

Tip #4: Stick with Quality Ingredients

The reason why so many popular e-juices taste so great is because they’re made with high-quality ingredients. So, don’t skimp on quality when making your own juices, or else you just won’t get that same delicious taste.

Tip #5: Be Careful with that Sweetener

A big mistake a lot of DIY newbies make is overdoing it with the sweetener. It’s important to be careful as too much sweetness can ruin the more delicate flavor notes in the e-liquid. Always start with a little bit of sweetener. You can always add more, but you can’t take any out.

Replicate Away

Flavor-cloning is a great way to enjoy delicious e-juice flavors without breaking the bank. By following this guide, you’ll be replicating the flavors that you love in no time. Just remember to start slow as it takes practice.

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