Dealing with Jamming Pod Mod Issues

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We all put a decent amount of time, money and effort into maintaining and enjoying our pod systems, which is why a jammed piece can absolutely ruin our day. After all, if a part of our pod system is jammed, it’s going to interfere with our ability to continue vaping.

So, why do pod mod pieces get jammed, and what can we do about it? We’ve created a simple guide that will help you fix any jams so that you can get right back to enjoying those vapes and properly maintaining your pod kit.

What Parts of a Pod Mod Can Get Jammed?

The unfortunate truth is that any component of your pod mod can become jammed. This means your buttons, coils, battery and other components are prone to getting stuck from time to time. Pod mods are small, handheld devices that are exposed to a variety of factors throughout the day, and certain factors can cause a piece to get stuck in place.

What Can Cause a Part to Get Jammed in the First Place?

These factors are usually the most common:

E-Liquid Gunk

A common culprit behind a jammed pod mod component. If your cartridge is prone to leaking, the sugars in the vape juice recipe can cause parts to stick together. As your device continues to get used, that sugar gets harder and harder, and therefore, stickier and stickier. This is why it’s important to prevent e-liquid leaks as much as possible.

Dirt and Debris

Pod mods, as we know, are highly portable kits. This means that many of us leave them in our pockets and purses throughout the day. However, in those pockets and purses are dust, lint and other forms of debris. These things can work their way into your device and cause a piece to get stuck. Similarly, leaving your kit outdoors can cause dirt and debris to get into the device’s pieces.

The Wrong Component

This should go without saying, but if you’re using an incompatible hardware piece with your pod mod setup, a jam is highly likely. For instance, if you’re trying to use the wrong cartridge with a pod mod, the cartridge can get stuck because it wasn’t meant to fit with the mod. Similarly, using the wrong coil for your pod cartridge can cause a jam.


Sometimes, pieces start to jam up because your pod mod is old and needs to be replaced. Over time, pieces can subtly expand or change shape due to factors like heat exposure and wear and tear. Eventually, this can cause pieces to get stuck.

What to Do About a Jammed Pod Mod Component

Before we get into each component, it’s important to be aware of the things that you shouldn’t do. Know that aggressively trying to rip a piece off with your hands may cause you to break your device.


If your battery is jammed inside the mod, try taking a cotton swab or another skinny, non-sharp object and pushing it through. Or, you can try to gently squeeze the mod on either side in order to make more room for the internal battery.


A jammed coil is likely caused by vape juice gunk that has surrounded it and gotten into its connections. If this is the case, dump your pod cartridge and run it under warm water for about a minute. This may be able to loosen the gunk so that the coil can easily be dislodged. If that doesn’t work, try gently running a cotton swab along the outside of the coil.


If a pod cartridge is jammed, as in stuck to the mod, it’s likely because of juice gunk that has gotten into the cartridge’s connections. If this has occurred, try to scrape around the connection point with your fingernail to dislodge any gunk that has gotten into that area.


A jammed button can usually be remedied with a toothpick or a similar object, regardless of whether the jam has been caused by juice gunk or debris. Just run the toothpick along the indentations where the button is placed. This should remove anything that’s causing the jam.

Jammed Parts and Issues Can Happen

Like any piece of equipment, a pod system is prone to issues from time to time, including jammed parts. While a jammed piece can be annoying and disruptive, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your vaping session. Use this guide to figure out how to best dislodge your pod mod component to resume your satisfying vapes quickly.

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