Did You Hear That Vaping Sound?

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Naturally, we all judge the quality of our vaping experience by what we taste when we pull on our device. However, vaping is an experience that involves all five senses. One of the biggest determiners of a quality vape session is the sound that you hear while you pull on your device.

Whenever you take a hit, you should hear a very soft hissing sound that's accompanied by steady, soft crackling. This means that your device is functioning properly and that your e-liquid is being properly heated by your coil.

However, every seasoned vape enthusiast knows that sometimes that crackling noise just doesn't sound right. Today, we'll be discussing what the sounds of your vaping session can mean.

When Crackling is a Problem

As we said, soft, steady crackling is a normal sound that means that your device is working properly. However, sometimes, crackling can mean that something is wrong with your device.

If the crackling sounds loud, you might want to turn your device's wattage down. Loud crackling may mean that your e-juice is reaching a temperature that's too high. If the crackling stops once you've turned your wattage down, then you've solved the problem.

If the loud crackling persists, check out your coil. A dead coil won't properly heat your e-liquid, resulting in loud crackling, popping and spitting. A dead coil will also cause your liquid to taste burnt or bitter.

When Your Device Produces No Sound

If you're hitting your device but it's not making any sound, you need to take apart your setup and look for the culprit. A soundless hit is often accompanied by little to no vapor. This often means that there's a clog. Check your tank and coil to make sure that there isn't vape juice gunk preventing vapor from escaping through your drip tip.

Another reason why your device might not be making any sound is that your battery needs to be recharged. When your battery is very low, your hits will be weak. Fortunately, this is an easy fix.

Lastly, a dead coil may produce a soundless vaping experience. Usually, if this is the culprit, your juice will taste burnt and you won't get any vapor.

Clean Your Device

To prevent crackling and soundless vapes, stay on top of your cleaning routine. Once each week, you should take apart your vaping device and thoroughly clean each component. This will get rid of juice gunk that can clog your device.

Use Your Ears as Much as Your Taste Buds

It's always important to use your ears as much as you use your taste buds when you vape. If your vaping session doesn't sound right, you've likely got a problem on your hands. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to fix your issue so that you can get right back to vaping in no time.

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