Don't Damage Your Rebuildable Atomizers!

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Vaping can be an extensive hobby, with different equipment and methods to choose from, not to mention the ridiculously wide variety of e-liquid flavors. With tons of options, and so many moving parts, it's easy to mishandle your rebuildable atomizer. Maintaining your atomizer is essential to your safety and enjoyment of vaping.

First, though it is an incredibly rare event, there seems to be a lot of concern over exploding atomizers. Understand that this almost never happens but using a higher-quality lithium-manganese combination battery will prevent damage. Have a charger that does not allow the atty to overcharge, and if there is a lot of concern, a battery add-on fuse can be applied for extra protection. Never store it in your pocket with change, keys, or other metals, and never make any tube modifications that allow two batteries to be stacked for higher voltage. If you ever feel any excess heat coming from the battery, get away from it immediately.

Another concern is e-liquid dripping into the mouth. Make sure to store your RDA or RBA with the tip up so the liquid stays in the tank. Rinse mouth if entered and use soap and water for skin contact, as nicotine is a poison. Take longer, slower puffs to prevent any forced leaks, as well as to increase the quality of the taste and yield a thicker cloud. As with cigarettes, when you drag in a little bit of air after the vapor, continue to drag for a moment after your finger is off the fire button, to clear out any residue.

Regular maintenance should be observed to keep the atomizer in proper condition. Cleaning your tank regularly with a high-grain, unflavored alcohol (not isopropyl alcohol as that can be highly toxic!) and not water as it will damage the coil is crucial. Replace the coil at least once every two weeks and be very cautious about placing any of the equipment in direct sunlight or any extreme heat. Clean out the battery head also, which will prevent any electrical issues.

Finally, treat your rebuildable atomizers with respect and care. Remember the obvious, like not leaving it in the car or on a windowsill, not putting it in a busy pocket and keeping it in the case whenever possible. It's a hobby, it's a craft, and mostly it's money that goes into this practice. Protect your equipment and respect the money you paid for it.

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