“Dropping” It Like It’s Vaping Hot This Summer

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Are you as excited about summer as we are? Finally, we can enjoy lots of time outdoors with our loved ones, sipping on something refreshing while blowing huge clouds into the breeze. And, speaking of blowing clouds, we at NicVape have some exceptional Drops e-liquids for you to indulge in during the warm season ahead. Each captures a taste that we crave all summer long. They’ll soothe and refresh you with a seasonal flavor that never fails to hit the spot no matter how hot it is outside.

#3: Drops Melon Cooler

An intoxicatingly thirst-quenching treat that you’ll be happy you have once those temperatures start to climb. It consists of a variety of mouth-watering melons that have been blended with water, allowing you to feel like you’re sipping on something smooth and rejuvenating while you spend the day beneath the hot sun. Each inhale gives you a blast of pure, clean watermelon juice that instantly makes you salivate with joy. Then, honeydew and cantaloupe come out to play, soothing you from head to toe. When you exhale, that sweetness finally comes through.

#2: Drops Mango

The e-liquid that you need if you’re longing for a tropical vacation but just don’t have the ability to make that dream a reality. Each pull drenches your taste buds in succulent mango flavor that makes you feel like you’re on an island beach far away from home. When you take in that vapor, you’ll get the sharp, tangy notes of freshly cut mangoes. Slowly, the juices drip down the throat to ease your thirst. On the exhale, the sweetness becomes intense.

#1: Drops Pineapple

What’s more summery than fresh pineapple slices? This e-juice gives you that magically delicious taste whenever you hit your mod. The flavor seduces you with that tropical goodness that supplies your mind with images of swaying palm trees and breathtaking sunsets. The inhale offers up that magnificent tang that tickles your tongue. The pineapple juice floods the palate to refresh you before the sugars come out on the exhale.

Keep Fruity Vape Fresh This Summer!

These e-juices can get you through the hot summer months ahead with magically refreshing fruity flavors. Each being an homage to a glorious fruit that ripens underneath the summer sun should be enough to have them in rotation all summer long!

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Ashstu122 June 17, 2019 2:11 PM reply
Pineapple > mango always

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