E-Base™ EZ-DIY E-Liquid Starter Kit

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If you want to save money on e-juices and explore your creative side but aren't ready to fully embrace DIY juice-making, NicVape has a product just for you. The E-Base™ EZ-DIY E-Liquid Starter Kit makes juice-making as easy as pie. The company that is known for creating outstanding vape juice flavors has now given us all the ability to dream up tasty e-liquids without the fuss or mess.

The E-Base™ EZ-DIY E-Liquid Starter Kit from NicVape is an easy-to-use kit that gives you complete control over your vape juice empire. All that you have to do is select your preferred nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio and add some flavors. The result is a delicious vape juice that's fully customized to your own vaping preferences.

You'll be able to explore your culinary side as you experiment with ten different flavor concentrates. All that you have to do is add these flavor concentrates to the base that NicVape has created just for you. The kit also comes with three disposable transfer pipettes to eliminate the risk of making a mess. Plus, you'll receive five pairs of safety gloves, three syringes and a special measuring cylinder that is designed to make your juice-making experience as easy as possible.

When you're ready to get started, simply select your preferred VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength and ten flavor concentrates upon checkout. Within no time, you'll be making your own delicious, high-quality vape juices like a professional.

Adding Flavors
When you purchase the E-Base™ EZ-DIY E-Liquid Starter Kit, you can choose ten flavor concentrates and start experimenting. There are over one hundred flavor concentrates from which to choose. NicVape uses food grade ingredients that are manufactured in the United States of America to create their signature flavors. As a result, you'll enjoy superior quality while you vape your own e-juice creations.

NicVape has every type of flavor that you could ever crave. By allowing you to select ten flavor concentrates, they've given you the ability to recreate your favorite treats. Whether you dream of concocting the perfect chocolate eclair flavor or want the freedom to mix a wide variety of fruits, NicVape provides you with exactly what you need to satisfy your cravings. In no time, you'll be a culinary expert with an enormous collection of customized flavors.

Save Loads of Money

If you're a serious vape enthusiast, it's likely that you spend a good portion of your paycheck on vape juices. By using the E-Base™ EZ-DIY E-Liquid Starter Kit, you'll be able to enjoy those high-quality flavors without breaking the bank. At only $69.99, this kit gives you an enormous amount of vape juice that costs significantly less than individual pre-mixed bottles.

Get This Kit Today!
If you vape full-time, there's no reason to keep paying high prices on e-juice. The E-Base™ EZ-DIY E-Liquid Starter Kit will help you save money while allowing you to enjoy a completely customized vaping experience.

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