E-Flavors™ Professional E-Liquid Flavor Concentrates

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If you've entered the world of juice-making, you need to be equipped with a variety of flavor concentrates that can take your homemade e-liquids to the next level. At NicVape, there is an enormous range of flavor concentrates to choose from. Each flavor is made with only the best ingredients and will add quality taste to your e-juice creations.

Below, you'll find the top 5 flavor concentrates produced by the flavor experts over at NicVape:


Cool allows you to add a punch of ice-cold menthol to any vape juice. This high-quality menthol doesn't have any artificial sweetness or synthetic-tasting flavoring agents. Instead, this flavor concentrate provides you with a fresh, icy breeze whenever you hit your mod. On the inhale, Cool provides your tongue with a pleasant stream of clean-tasting mint. This flavor is subtle and won't overwhelm the tongue or take away from the other flavor components that you're vaping. As you exhale, the menthol taste becomes more powerful, making your whole mouth tingle as the chilly clouds wash over the tongue.

Blue Raz

Thanks to Blue Raz, any vape juice can deliver the sweet and sour punch of your favorite candy. NicVape's tart and sugary blue raspberry flavor has achieved cult status thanks to its lip-smacking taste that is as intense as it is satisfying. With every inhale of Blue Raz, the tongue is punched with extremely sour blue raspberry flavor. You won't be able to control your salivary glands as that tartness continues to soak into your taste buds. When you exhale, the sweetness of this iconic candy flavor takes over.

Fine Cuban Tobacco

Fine Cuban Tobacco gives you the opportunity to make your e-juice taste like an expensive Cuban cigar. NicVape nailed this complex flavor perfectly, delivering earthy, nutty, sweet and rich flavor notes that will make you think that you're puffing on the real thing. When you inhale Fine Cuban Tobacco, the nutty and earthy taste that you know and love satisfies your taste buds as that exquisite aroma enchants your senses. The tobacco flavor becomes sweeter and sweeter as it sits on the tongue. When you exhale, the sensational richness of real Cuban tobacco floods your palate.

Bavarian Cream

Thanks to Bavarian Cream, any e-juice can satisfy your taste buds with that smooth, rich and creamy finish. This luxurious cream is infused with fresh vanilla bean flavor that complements almost any sweet taste. Plus, it's outrageously smooth, coating each taste bud in creamy, silky splendor. When you inhale Bavarian Cream, an enticing swirl of warm and sweet vanilla enhances your vaping experience. The richness of the cream gets more and more intense as the clouds melt into the tongue. With each exhale, that creamy taste adds a heavy dose of decadence to the overall flavor profile.

Almond (Toasted)
Almond (Toasted) allows you to add a hint of savory and slightly sweet almond flavor to any e-liquid. The nutty taste of almonds enhances a wide range of flavors. The gentle sweetness at the end will make your taste buds happy without overpowering the overall taste of your e-liquid. NicVape used only the best flavoring ingredients to create this intoxicating delight. With each inhale of Almond (Toasted), the almond's savory notes excite the front of your palate. The nutty flavor becomes richer as the vapor absorbs into the taste buds. As you exhale, the nut's mild sweetness adds complexity to the flavor profile.

Get These E-Flavors™ Today

These five E-Flavors™ are must-haves for anyone who likes to mix their own vape juices. Each concentrate will provide you with a twist of clean, authentic-tasting flavor that will dramatically improve the overall taste of your creation. Whether you're a menthol lover or you crave that kiss of smooth cream at the end of every puff, NicVape has got you covered.

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