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Now that the weather has gotten cold, it's time to explore the wonderful wintertime vape juice flavors that NicVape has to offer. These yummy e-liquids are all made with the absolute best ingredients and will keep you feeling satisfied all through the chilly winter months.

Iceberg Vape Juice by Origins

When you think of winter, your mind instantly goes to the frosty and sweet flavor of peppermint candy. Just the image of those red and white diagonal stripes brings back wonderful holiday memories that combat the dreaded winter blues. Thanks to Origins, you can vape that yummy wintertime taste all through the winter season without worrying about getting cavities.

When you inhale Iceberg vape juice, that cold blast of peppermint whacks you in the palate and invigorates your senses on impact. On the exhale, the sugary taste of that beloved candy balances out the cool minty taste of the peppermint, delighting your sweet tooth.

Its 50 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 50 percent propylene glycol (PG) base. This base is perfect for vape enthusiasts who want to blow dense vape clouds and crave a solid hit to the throat on the inhale. The e-liquid arrives in a plastic squeeze bottle.

Creme De Mint Vape Juice by Drops

Some of our very favorite wintertime desserts blend icy mint with rich chocolate. If this is the flavor combination that chases away your winter blues, you're going to fall in love with Creme De Mint vape juice from Drops. This chocolate and mint extravaganza is guaranteed to make the sweet tooth jump for joy. Because the e-liquid is handcrafted with exquisite ingredients, you'll enjoy this flavor for hours without any unpleasant aftertaste.

Each inhale of Creme De Mint vape juice delivers smooth, rich clouds of milk chocolate to the taste buds. The chocolate flavor has the right amount of sweetness to satisfy you without overwhelming you. When you exhale, pure peppermint flavor balances out the richness of the chocolate wonderfully.

Creme De Mint vape juice by Drops has a 50 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 50 percent propylene glycol (PG) base. With this base, you'll get that smooth throat hit that you crave as well as beautifully fluffy vape clouds. The e-liquid comes in a plastic squeeze bottle.

Ice Vape Juice by Drops

Nothing makes us think of the winter weather like pure, cold ice. If you love the frosty hit of menthol on your tongue, Ice vape juice from Drops is going to be your new favorite wintertime flavor. This special e-liquid delivers nothing but intense menthol. This vape juice tastes great by itself and when added to your favorite dessert flavor.

When you inhale Ice vape juice, that cool menthol chills you all over. With every exhale, a cold blast of mint flows over your tongue as your taste buds tingle.

Ice vape juice by Drops comes in a plastic squeeze bottle. This e-liquid has a 50 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 50 percent propylene glycol (PG) base that gives you a pleasant throat hit and puffy clouds.

MOAB Vape Juice by Camouflage

When the dark and dreary days of winter begin to get us down, it's time for a sweet pick-me-up that's layered with warm and comforting flavors. MOAB vape juice by Camouflage lets you indulge without any guilt. This e-liquid tastes exactly like syrupy root beer that's infused with fresh vanilla bean flavor.

When you inhale MOAB vape juice, that silky vanilla taste drips down your palate and warms your soul. Then, the distinctive taste of root beer takes over the taste buds. On the exhale, the sweetness of the flavor dominates.

MOAB vape juice by Camouflage has a 100 percent VG base for maximum cloud production. The juice comes in a 30ml glass dropper bottle.

Polar Vape Juice by Origins

The ice-cold minty taste of Polar vape juice is like a winter snowstorm in a bottle. Every puff delivers pure peppermint taste that's cold enough to make each taste bud tingle. If you love icy menthol flavors, Polar vape juice is the way to go.

When you inhale Polar vape juice, cool peppermint soothes your throat. On the exhale, a subtle sweetness emerges to balance out the cool mint flavor.

Polar vape juice comes in a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle and is available in two different nicotine levels.

Be Ready For The Chilly Months

These five winter-inspired vape juices will keep your taste buds happy during the chilly months. Packed with flavor, any of these five e-liquids will be a treat for your palate on a cold winter day.

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