How Effective is Nicotine Free E-Juice?

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There are a few things to know about nicotine free e-juice including how it compares to e-juice with nicotine in it, why non-smokers like to use it, and why former smokers like to use it.

How it compares to e-juice with nicotine in it

There really is no different in taste between e-juice that contains nicotine and no nicotine. This is because the amount of nicotine found in standard e-juice is exceptionally small, and so it really does not change the e-juice be not having it in it. In addition, nicotine is a substance that does not have any taste. In addition, the amount of vapor and the feel of the vapor are not affected by nicotine.

The only difference between nicotine containing e-juice and nicotine free e-juice is that it tends to come in different styles. This is because e-juice containing e-juice tends to be made to mimic cigarettes, and so they tend to taste like tobacco. Nicotine free e-juice tends to come in sweeter flavors mimicking fruit, incents, and flowers. However, it’s possible to purchase both varieties in nearly any style. This include non-nicotine containing e-liquid that mimic the taste of different brands of cigarettes.

Use by non-smokers

Non-smokers who use e-cigarettes tend to do so because they want to enjoy a nice smoking like experience, but do not want to become addicted to cigarettes. This can be because they like to enjoy the experience on their own, or because they do not want to be tempted to borrow a cigarette when smoking around a group of smokers.

Use by former smokers

Many former smokers will use nicotine free e-juice to help supplement the craving for cigarettes. Not having any nicotine in the e-juice helps to prevent the former smoker’s brain thinking that it is ok for them to take up the habit of smoking. In addition, former smokers tend to use nicotine free e-juice for them to go to places where they are greatly tempted to smoke cigarettes. This can include things like drinking coffee, going out to bars, spending time on their break at work, and spending time with persons who still smoke traditional cigarettes.

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