How Hot Can Nic Salt Really Get?

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Now that we’ve entered the summer season, many of us are embracing the heat. As the temperatures rise, many of us like to spend hours outdoors soaking in the sun and enjoying the feeling of heat against our skin.

While many of us love the high temperatures that come with the season, your salt nic vape juice feels differently. You may think that you can leave your e-liquid bottles outside while you soak in the sun, but you just might regret doing so due to a process known as oxidization.

So, how can you tell if your salt nicotine e-liquid has gotten too hot? And what happens to overheated e-juice in the first place? We’re here to help you preserve your salt nic juice all summer long with these tips.

What Happens When Vape Juice Gets Too Hot?

Vape juice can last a very long time as long as it’s not exposed to too much heat or light. That’s because of a process known as oxidization. Now, you might be familiar with the concept of oxidization because of steeping, a practice that’s recommended to bring out the best flavor in a vape juice. So, why would oxidization be a bad thing when steeping is so widely encouraged?

You see, with steeping, you’re exposing your vape juice to small traces of oxygen while keeping it in a controlled environment. During the steeping process, oxidization occurs. This means that the molecules in the e-liquid are essentially rearranging themselves while some evaporate, and this concentrates the flavor, and, sometimes, the nicotine potency as well.

Steeping is great, but e-liquids can become too oxidized. This happens when they’re exposed to bright light or high heat for a lengthy period of time. When this happens, the molecules become too disrupted which changes the overall e-liquid formula for the worse.

Once a vape juice is over-oxidized, its flavor will be weak and its consistency will be thickened, possibly to the point that the coil can’t heat it properly. Therefore, e-liquids that have reached that point may no longer be able to be vaped.

Does High Heat Affect Nic Salts Differently Than Freebase Nicotine?

We’re glad you asked. Both salt nic e-liquids and freebase nic e-liquids can over-oxidize under the same circumstances. And, both will become inferior products as a result. However, there’s something unique about nic salts, and that’s benzoic acid.

Benzoic acid is added to salt-based nicotine in order to create a more stable product that allows the nicotine to feel smooth rather than harsh when heated to the temperatures outputted by your vaping device’s coil. Benzoic acid keeps that nicotine nice and strong without burning your throat in the way that freebase nicotine can. However, benzoic acid breaks down quickly at high temperatures, which creates a sort of domino effect. Suddenly, your salt-based vape juice oxidizes at a very rapid pace. Therefore, salt nic e-liquid will break down more quickly than freebase nic vape juice if left in high heat for a certain period of time.

Signs Your E-Juice Has Been Overheated

So, how can you tell that your e-juice has over-oxidized as a result of being exposed to high heat? The first thing to do is simply look at the liquid in your bottle or cartridge. Does it look the same as when you bought it? Is the color the same, and the consistency?

E-liquid that’s over-oxidized will be noticeably darker in color and will have a syrupy consistency. You can also smell the juice. If the aroma is extremely weak, it’s been left out in the heat for too long.

Prevent Your Salt-Based E-Liquid from Getting Too Hot in the First Place

Preventing over-oxidization from happening is simple. Simply store your vape juices in cool, dark places as much as possible. Closets, draws and cabinets are all acceptable.

Enjoy Your Nicotine Salt E-Juice at the Proper Temperature

Yes, salt nic vape juice can become ruined if it’s left out in the heat for too long. So, make sure that this summer, you keep that e-liquid nice and cool as much as possible. Otherwise, you may have to throw it out, which means that you’ll have wasted money unnecessarily.

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